Yvonne Nelson secretly marries Italian boyfriend?

Ghanaian Actress and movie producer Yvonne Nelson has secretly married her Italian boyfriend.

Yvonne NelsonSpeculations that actress Yvonne Nelson has secretly married is gaining more attention, as multiple sources keep congratulating her on social media pages.

Yvonne   who is a known lover of her baby’s daddy, Jamie Roberts    has been giving her followers on social media a reason to think that she has finally found love in another man when she became obsessed with Nigerian actor Kunle Remi but that vibe seemed to be shot-lived as an Italian has now been fingered to be the main man.

While Ms Nelson consistently projected Kunle as someone dear to her heart, it seems she used that opportunity to activate a private life mode that has finally earned her a hubby, an unlikely situation for most African women who are “born-one”.

NetbuzzAfrica.com won’t be surprised if Yvonne Nelson actually invited only 10 people to her secret wedding.

In one of the popular posts on Instagram which raised a lot of eyebrows, blogger Yemmey Baba, a Ghana-based Nigerian writer shared a message congratulating her and her newfound home.

“For substance and significance, Ytainment News congratulates one of Africa’s finest screen goddesses, YVONNE NELSON as she tied the knot with her Italian sweetheart (name withheld),” Yemmey shared.

Yvonne Nelson is believed to have tied the knot in July although NetbuzzAfrica.com is yet to chance on pictures and videos confirming the supposed marriage.

Yvonne NelsonThe highly secured ceremony in which Yemmey confirms attendance took place two weeks ago.


According to the Lawyers of the actress, Yvonne Nelson is still single and not married as earlier reported. Below is a copy of their statement copied to blogger Yemmey Baba.Yvonne Nelson


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