Three inactive vaccines ready for human testing in Turkey

inactive COVID-19 vaccine candidatesTurkey’s health minister announced early Wednesday that three inactive COVID-19 vaccine candidates are ready for human trials.

Fahrettin Koca said 17 different COVID-19 vaccine candidates are currently being developed in Turkey, and among them, “three of our candidate vaccines have applied to the Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency for starting testing on humans.”

“Our inactive vaccine that is inhuman experiment phase is about to start Phase 2. It is expected to start Phase 3 in April,” he said.

Koca added that a Virus-Like Particle (VLP) vaccine, which is unique in the world, has reached the level for production for research and application for testing on humans soon.

He said the scientific capacity of Turkey is competent to be able to conduct research and development activities for all vaccine types.

“I believe the scientific and technical background of our country and the ambition and efforts of our scientists will bring us the best vaccines,” he added.

Source: aa.com.tr


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