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Three dead in Somalia after bomb blast in Mogadishu

Three dead in Somalia after bomb blast in MogadishuPolice in Somalia have said a car bomb exploded along the main street of the capital Mogadishu on Sunday.

A witness also said he saw three dead bodies after the blast.

Police said a car bomb parked in front of a restaurant at the busy street of Maka al Mukaram had exploded.

The front of the restaurant had been destroyed, blood stained the floor and chairs had been scattered around by the blast.Three dead in Somalia after bomb blast in MogadishuThe bodies of those killed lay on the ground while the wreckage of three cars and a tuktuk were left in the street.

Firefighters hosed down the smoking wreckage of one vehicle.

Somalia has witnessed lawlessness and violence since 1991.

Islamist group Al Shabaab is fighting to remove a Western-backed government protected by African Union-mandated peacekeepers.



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