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Meet Rwanda’s Adeline Who Turned Poultry Farming Into a Cash Cow

UMUHIRE AdelineBeing jobless after graduating from university, UMUHIRE Adeline took a decision to start her farm which has now turned her into a breeder of about 3,150 chickens in the eight months since she started her poultry business.

In Rwanda, Adeline lives in south Muhanga district. She holds a bachelor’s degree from the Department of Land Use, especially the Department of Irrigation from the Busogo College of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry-Rwanda where he graduated in 2016.

After realizing that her graduates are still unemployed, several years after school, she came up with ideas to start a business that will enable her to contribute to fighting unemployment in Rwanda, especially, her locality.

Since my childhood, I used to like egg’s omelet, this made me feel in breeding chickens to get eggs for my daily consumption. After graduating I saw many people who became millionaires by starting small business with small capital,”Adeline told NetbuzzAfrica.com

From a savings account during her internship at the Rwanda National Agriculture Board (RAB), Umuhire started buying eggs. She bought at least 1,000 eggs with a price of 200Rwf per one.

When she found out that it was running well, she approached her parents and asked them for a place to build a breeding house where she started selling chickens at the same time adding more eggs up to 3150 hens.

Realizing that her business was well expanding, she approached the bank for a loan to build another bigger house so that she can find a place to raise the young chickens.

She can now repay 100 000Rwf loan per month and pay 4 day-to-day employees.

UMUHIRE Adeline Her vision is for a big production  

UMUHIRE Adeline  undoubtedly says that chicken farming has already brought her to exciting activities since she started doing business professionally.

Now I am selling one chicken 2,000, 3,000 accordingly, I started planting maize by using its fertilizer, I have a plan to produce their own food without buying it. Now I am paying for schools of my brothers as well family supporting”, she added.

Musabyuwera Devota, one of her employees says, she has benefited much from Adeline’s business. She gets paid every month 60 thousandRwf, this helps her in her daily needs.

Am so much happy to work with Adeline, she is so inspirational apart from paying me, she also helps to develop your career so as you can even start your business. I have plans to start my own pig business soon,” Devota revealed.

One of the things that make Adeline happy is the fact that she has something to eat and for her neighbors who want to buy eggs for their children, it’s now easier to buy from her because it’s nearby and cheaper.

Adeline’s current challenge for the farm is that it does not have water near it and the chickens drink a lot of water, for this she pays much to transport water to her farm. Lack of egg-laying machine also adds some cost but she faces the challenge of a smaller market compared to the eggs he gets or the chickens for sale.

Rwandan government urges youth to engage in business and has put more efforts in supporting them. This moves hand in hand with expanding market for their products locally and internationally.

For this, Adeline calls on Rwanda youth not to rely on only job application but should channel some efforts into creating jobs instead. She urges youth to take into consideration, practice what they learn from schools to start their own business.


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