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Kwaku Manu behind Lil Win’s death rumors? – Guda

Kwaku Manu behind Lil Win's death rumors - Guda speaksWhoever thought these two Kumawood actors, Kwadwo Nkansah Lil Win and Kwaku Manu will smoke the peace pipe anytime soon might be dreaming, since every new day comes with its own shocking revelation
The latest we have is from the “Asiikoto” hitmaker, Guda, who believes Kwaku Manu is behind the negative publicity about Lil Win, that he is to die soon.
In his recent interview on Black Legendary Tv, Guda says tho he won’t talk about Kwaku Manu on air, he is certain those false rumors are publicized by Lil Wins colleague actor.
I won’t like to talk about Kwaku Manu on air because that’s not why I’m having this interview. However, if you ask me about why this rumor is spreading fast, I can only say a colleague of Kwadwo is behind that and there is no need to point him out since he needs that for attention to revive his dead career – Guda
 In an answer to how Lil Win is coping with such rumors, Guda says Lil Win is fine and believes his mission to entertain the world is not fully accomplished yet so if he will die, then it can only be the will of God not man.
Guda is currently signed on to Lil Win’s Boss Nation Music label.


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