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I was afraid to die during parturition – Yvonne Nelson

Yvonne NelsonIf you’re pregnant, you might be curious about your water breaking — when it will eventually happen, what it will feel like and what to do next. For first time mothers, this can lead to an increase blood pressure among other fears like death and rage.

This is the case of notable Ghanaian actress and film producer Yvonne Nelson, who couldn’t fully recognize the signs of water breaking to prevent PROM during parturition.

According to the actress cum producer, she didn’t know the timeline of her baby’s delivery and that has left her with a high blood pressure after birth.

Speaking in a recent interview, Yvonne Nelson, producer of “Heels & Sneakers” and now “Area Code” revealed that her baby’s head popped out at home at a time when she had nobody at her disposal to support delivery.

“My baby came out even before we got to the hospital.”

“My water broke while at home and I had nobody around at that time so my baby’s head was hanging between my legs when I ran out to get help…”

“ All my friends were unavailable, Sammy Forson wasn’t too but I saw my random neighbour whom I asked for help but he also came to see the situation with my baby’s head between my legs and started screaming but eventually we ended up at the hospital safe.”

“Giving birth was really quick because the process had already started. The first push had been cleared so the rest was super fast”

“After the whole child birth, I developed high blood pressure because during delivery I was scared. I thought I’d loose my life or that of my baby during parturition, so all that fear also contributed to my high blood pressure.”

“I’m happy I didn’t sit on my baby’s head,” Yvonne said responding to how childbrith had been for her in 2017.

During pregnancy, your baby is surrounded and cushioned by a fluid-filled membranous sac called the amniotic sac. Typically, at the beginning of or during labor your membranes will rupture — also known as your water breaking. If your water breaks before labor starts, it’s called prelabor rupture of membranes (PROM).

Yvonne who received her first movie role while at level 100 at the Central University is currently aspiring to become a President of Ghana in the near feature as she also revealed she has started studying International Relations And Diplomacy (MAIRD) at the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) to get more insights and understanding in the field of politics.

“Politics can be a dirty game, I don’t know if I can, but I know I want to change something,” she said while speaking in an interview with Citi FM’s drive-time host Jessica Opare Saforo on the Traffic Avenue show.

Over the years, Yvonne Nelson has featured in several movies alongside other famous actors and actresses from both Ghana and Nigeria and she’s currently the founder of Yvonne Nelson Glaucoma Foundation, a foundation set up to educate and create awareness on the harmful effects of eye diseases.

The first episode of her latest show, Area Code features singer Becca, watch the clip below..



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