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Hustling In An Unfriendly Economy, Nigeria

Hustling In An Unfriendly Economy, NigeriaThe word ‘Hustle” has several meanings, but the pivotal is the definition that describes it as “Pushing Roughly.”

With the type of economy Nigeria has which keep dwindling and nose diving at the speed of light, survival at all cost becomes a priority. Young and old are struggling to survive, even infants are not spared anymore.

Unannounced constant devaluation of the Nigerian Naira, treasury looting, excessive deficits financed by government, lack of infrastructural facilities, selfish policies formulated by government to benefit a few, but most of all bad governance are the reasons why the West African country, Nigeria, has remained stagnant.

Making the hope of the coming generations to hang in the balance as the current generations often time merry on empty stomach, one can only pray that a messiah that will change the narrative emerges soon among the leaders so that life could be better and level of hustling and bustling can subside.


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