World’s Most Welcoming Country, Ethiopia Starts Issuing Visas Online

World’s Most Welcoming Country, Ethiopia Starts Issuing Visas Online
American-Ethophian Top Model Gelila Bekele

The east African country, recently voted the world’s most welcoming, is making strides on behalf of travellers from all around the world.

THE ETHIOPIAN Immigration and Nationality Affairs Department, in collaboration with Ethiopian Airlines, have finalised preparations of the initial phase to commence an e-visa service for international visitors to Ethiopia effective June 12, 2017.

Ethiopia was recently voted the World’s Most Welcoming Country by global followers of the Rough Guides, one of the leading travel publishers known for their ‘tell it like it is’ reviews, and for providing travellers with up-to-date content and authoritative contemporary writing.

According to the review, digital followers of the Rough Guides were asked to share their experiences of the most hospitable places around the world and voted for Ethiopia; witnessing the unique features as: a profoundly beautiful east African country with a history that stretches back many thousands of years, never colonised and with the tribal customs and hospitable traditions largely maintained intact.

World’s Most Welcoming Country, Ethiopia Starts Issuing Visas OnlineMaking the country even more hospitable, the quick e- visa system allows applications to be paid for, processed and electronically distributed to applicants on a single web page to secure entry. Once the online application is approved, applicants will receive an email authorising them to travel to Ethiopia and they will get their passport stamped with the visa upon arrival in Addis Ababa. Moreover, separate counters have been set up to process the visas of travellers under electronic travel authorisation.

Regarding the new service Group CEO Ethiopian Airlines, Tewolde Gebre Mariam remarked:

“Ethiopia, the oldest independent civilization in Africa and one of the oldest in the world, is endowed with historical places, natural beauty, colourful and diverse cultural activities and various endemic wild animals which are of great interest to international tourists.

“However; we have not made the best use of these natural resources to attract a large number of tourists. To this effect, this project is part of a new national initiative to transform the tourism sector in the country. The full commencement of the online visa application and issuance system will promote tourism, trade and investment to the country. It will save time, energy and cost for travellers to Ethiopia in addition to the simplicity and convenience that it facilitates.

“With direct flights to/from more than 95 destinations from all corners of the world, operated by the most modern aeroplanes, we will continue to make travel to Ethiopia, dependable, easy, convenient and affordable. I take this opportunity to thank our IT team and our colleagues at the Main Department for Immigration & Nationality Affairs for the commendable collaboration and job well done.”

To get your e-visa please visit: https://www.evisa.gov.et/#/home



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