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#EndPoliceBrutality: Highland Church Soro Soke reacts to EndSARS protests

Highland Church Soro Soke

Highland Church has expressed delight over the coming alive of her “Keep Hope Alive” message to commemorate Nigeria’s 60th Independence Anniversary come alive with the ongoing protests against police brutality in the country. The Church, based in Yaba, Lagos State, stated that events of the past few days have revealed the best-kept secret of our nation and convinced pessimists that there is yet hope for the Nigerian state.

According to a statement issued on Monday by its Head of Communications, Pastor Omoniyi Osunsanya, the church stated that Nigeria’s young have indeed pleasantly proved that they cannot be written off just yet and that a better Nigeria is possible, adding that we for once, saw a truly united Nigeria devoid of tribal and religious coloration in asking for a better police force.

The Church added that Nigerian youths made their resolve to tread a route different from that of their parents abundantly clear; not just with the #EndPoliceBrutality protest but with the manner they carried out their peaceful demonstrations.

The statement reads, “While we regret all the atrocities committed by police officers and operatives of the now-disbanded SARS for God hates oppression, repression, and murder of any hue, we are pleased to see Nigerian youth use their protest to demonstrate that they can be better managers of the country if given the opportunity. We have observed with joy the manner in which the youths comported themselves since the start of the protest. They have carried out regular sanitation of their venues, looked out for one another, and generally coordinated themselves in a highly organized manner even when there is no leader of the protest and have all called and proved themselves as co-leaders.

“There is no doubt that these young ones have in the course of the protest, conducted themselves better than protesting citizens of some advanced countries of the world. And as a church Church aimed at Raising Global Leaders, we cannot but take judicious knowledge of the civilized behaviour that has been demonstrated by these Nigerian youths in pressing home their demands from the government. We are also thrilled by the charitable disposition of the youth, who though are crying out over subjugation and oppression, donated and gifted money and other forms of support to the physically-challenged, the needy as well as downtrodden members of the society. We have even seen artisans volunteer their services pro bono at the protest venues.

“With the superlative character exhibited by the #EndPoliceBrutality, #EndSARS protesters, we urge the government to note that the Nigerian youth have come of age and deserve not only to be listened to but included in the governance of our dear country. Having shown in the course of these past few days that they are the leaders of today, the government must therefore refrain from treating them as the leaders of tomorrow. The starting point is by engaging them rather than enraging them via the deployment of force. We believe that any attempt to destabilize or discredit the peaceful protesters by planting agent provocateurs, fifth-columnists, arsonists, and thugs in their midst will be counterproductive as the youth have already shown the world their true traits.

“We call on all protesters across the country to remain peaceful and focused. They must do more to ensure that hoodlums do not infiltrate their ranks and unleash anarchy in society. Highland Church is praying for the protesting youth and the government to do the right thing. We also use this opportunity to commiserate with all victims of police highhandedness. As Amos 5:24 says: let justice run down like water, And righteousness like a mighty stream. May this be the case in Nigeria, Amen!”


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