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Branding, Finance & Procurement Short courses To Attend in Nigeria

Students and professionals can take advantage of these short courses in Lagos for the greater good.

2022 Short Courses To Attend in Nigeria, LagosHarley Reed has updated its list of Short Courses for 2022. According the the Knowledge Service provider, these training courses will be held onsite at its Lagos office in Nigeria.

To register for any of the available programs, simply click here to send a direct message to the registration team or email Alternatively, you can reach out to their social media platforms to register. Learn more about the upcoming workshops below.

1. Fundamentals of Branding and Digital Marketing | Date: 6th October, 2022: Quite often, the full-contact sport of branding and Digital Marketing makes the difference between brand management, marketing success and failure. Institutions and business owners must therefore strengthen their brand even as rivals make every effort to undermine it. Thus, the goal of this training program is to teach participants how to build, market, maintain, and grow a strong institutional brand over time.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: This workshop is for Employees from the marketing departments and managers and senior staff members who want to learn about branding and digital marketing in order to create a competitive advantage for their institution.

2. Finance and Budgeting for Small Businesses |Date: 20th October, 2022: Successful finance professionals must be prepared to make more difficult and complex operating, investing, budgeting and financing decisions in the tumultuous corporate climate of today. In today’s global markets and ever-increasing market competitiveness, complex issues including aggressive versus prudent financial management, overvaluation, undervaluation, and obtaining capital are more difficult than ever. You will gain a strategic grasp of the important financial decisions that firms today must make with this corporate finance course.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Finance professionals, finance managers, corporate controllers, financial controllers, treasury professionals, chief accountants, accounting managers, senior accountants, banking professionals, investment professionals, research analysts and corporate business professionals.

3. Basics of Procurement Management | Date: 3rd November, 2022: Management of Procurement Professional development programs provide delegates with a strategic procurement approach that positions organizations for long-term competitive advantage by maximizing benefits received in exchange for expenditures. As a result, professionals are required to comprehend the various factors influencing change strategies, guarantee cost effectiveness, and accomplish procurement in a global setting. Increased effectiveness, efficiency, and transparency in the participants’ daily job, as well as generally at their place of employment, are the main objectives of the program.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Graduates new to industry can enter at this level. Typically, people who choose this level want to progress into Middle Management procurement roles and build on their experience to earn a higher salary.

4. Basics of Contract Management: Processes to Protect and Add Value | Date: 17th November, 2022This Contract Management Processes training course aims to offer you with skills to improve your awareness of essential competences in contracts, and commercial duties in order to strengthen your leadership presence. You will improve your contribution to business contract negotiation and management by applying this information to your professional job and the responsibilities and issues you experience at work.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Project Manager, Auditors, Engineers, Financial Managers, Procurement and Supply Chain Staff and Operational Managers as well as Professionals and leaders – whether involved in contract management or not – who wish to learn more about contract negotiation and risk management in order to improve their leadership and management skills and Personnel moving into contract management roles wishing to improve practical and legal knowledge

5. Sales and Marketing Essentials | Date: 1st December, 2022: This Sales and Marketing Essentials Training is intended to get the sales and marketing department organized and efficient in delivering results, as well as to equip sales and marketing personnel, Back Office Support staff, and Secretaries with the necessary skills to get the most out of a sales-oriented organization’s sales and marketing activities. All key sales, marketing, and support workers are encouraged to attend this training.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Sales and Marketing personnel, Customer Service Personnel, Front Desk Staff, Brand Ambassadors and Business owners.


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