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Apple’s Head of Security Allegedly Traded iPads for Firearm Permits

Tom Moyer of Apple allegedly bribed Santa Clara County officials for gun permits.

Tom Moyer firearm permitApple’s head of global security Tom Moyer has been indicted in a bribery scandal involving trading iPads for concealed carry permits. Santa Clara County undersheriff Rick Sung and Captain James Jansen are also involved with the felony bribery case, as they withheld gun permits from the tech firm in exchange for a large tech donation.

The officers allegedly withheld four concealed carry weapons (CCW) permits until Moyer agreed to donate 200 iPads to the Sheriff’s department, according to The Morgan Hill Times. This donation had a price tag totaling about $70,000.

The two policemen worked together to formulate the deal. Only at the last minute did all parties pull out when they caught wind of Santa Clara County District Attorney Jeff Rosen’s investigation.

“The donation was pulled back at the 11th hour when our search warrants into this probe began,” said Rosen in a press conference Monday.

The permits were intended for Apple’s security team, according to The Morgan Hill Times, but Moyer isn’t the only executive being charged. Bay Area insurance broker Harpreet Chadha allegedly gifted box suite tickets to the police duo for a Valentine’s Day San Jose Sharks game, in exchange for CCW permits as well.

Rosen emphasized that in a situation like this, anyone—executives or otherwise—should report a bribe to the District Attorney’s Office. In failing to do so, all are complicit with an alleged illegal act.

According to a statement issued by Rosen’s office, these permits typically cost between $200 and $400, however, “the sheriff has broad discretion in determining who should qualify.” Interestingly, Sheriff Laurie Smith has not been charged, however, Rosen said it’s a continuing investigation.

The defendants have an arraignment scheduled for Jan. 11.

Neither Apple nor Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department responded to a request for comment.


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