Serwaa Broni, Alleged Side Chic of Ghana’s President Exposes Their Relationship

Presidential Wahala: Alleged side chic of Nana Addo (President of Ghana) exposes their relationship, reveals her time with him at the hotel, private jet rides and other chilly details. 3 min

Alleged side chic of Ghana's president exposes their relationshipA self-acclaimed side chic of Ghana’s President Nana Akufo-Addo has exposed her clandestine amorous relationship with him and dropped other chilly details.

Serwaa Broni as she’s popularly called revealed that the president has been making advances towards her and had even gone a step further to reveal his strong feelings to her when they met in Toronto Canada.

She claims that the President of Ghana has been pestering her with the aim to meet her desperately. When they finally met, she could not bring herself into terms with the fact that the President wanted to be in an amorous relationship with her which was the reason for their meeting.

Serwaa Broni in a 2-hour live video revealed that the president of Ghana once chartered a private jet for her from Kumasi to Accra because he wanted her to be close to her so they could have a good time.

Photos have emerged of Serwaa Broni and Nana Addo in happy moments which gave some credence to her claims. One of the photos was taken during her short time with Nana Akufo-Addo in the hotel where Serwaa Broni decided to take a mirror selfie which got the President’s face reflected and captured in the shot.

When she shared the said photo on Facebook, Serwaa claims she was called by the President and National Security to pull it down since it could have dire political implications during the elections.

In another story, the president, according to Serwaa, had even wanted her overnight with him at Kumasi after a funeral he [the president] was invited to attend but she couldn’t stay overnight with him at the time because her girlfriend [now married wife] wanted to introduce her to her mother who had left Cape Coast to Accra for the meeting.

She was quick to add that the President was always eager to meet her anytime she touched down in Ghana.

Alleged side chic of Ghana's president exposes their relationshipSerwaa Broni further revealed that, even though she has never voted in Ghana, she has always been in touch with the President. Although Nana Akufo-Addo has a beautiful wife, he has also never shied away from expressing his love for her.

Throughout Serwaa’s narration, she maintained that she decided to keep some other pressing issues to herself but in the fullness of time, she has decided to drop all the disgusting info about her clandestine relationship with the President because her life and that of others have been in danger for the past 2 years.

She is coming out with this chilly information because she claims she’s battling with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and needed to share this for her own healing at this time.

Two years ago, she was robbed at gunpoint on her way to Togo and she believed at the time that it was just a regular robbery but after careful thoughts, she is convinced the president of Ghana had a hand in her robbery and that led to her PTSD. The robbery led to her losing her passport, money and even her precious nose ring but she was quick to add that she has reported all these claims to the Canadian authorities who are following the issue with keen interest.

Was Nana Addo in a relationship with her before she met and married the First Lady? Why is he interested in her even after that? How true are her claims? These of some of the questions on the minds of many.

According to sources, Serwaa Broni is a well-known figure among the NPP Party members and many understand her relationship with the President but it seems unfortunate that she is out now claiming not to be just a regular member as she kept referencing how other regular party members struggle to even buy t-shirts when she had everything at the tip of her fingers.

She even spoke at length about former NPP MP Hopeson Adorye and the role he played in taking back the president’s gift of GHC20,000 in a robbery that she thinks was staged.

CCTV photos at one point captured Hopeson Adorye ‘breaking’ into her hotel room while she was away with her girlfriend on her said robbery trip to Togo.

This is a developing story but Serwaa Broni has refused to grant further interviews on this issue at the time of publishing. Calls to the presidency for responses has also been unsuccessful.



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