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46 Prisons In Ghana To Benefit From IYF's Virtual Learning TelevisionsThe International Youth Fellowship Foundation has made arrangements to support all 46 Prisons across the country with 50 inches televisions to promote virtual learning. This gesture is to equip the Prisons Service to overcome some of the obstacles presented by COVID-19 for them to still access teaching and learning opportunities even in the pandemic.

The Headquarters of the International Youth Fellowship Foundation in South Korea decided to mobilise support in the form of digital televisions to promote virtual learning in the prisons in Ghana.  This request was crucial at a time when all academic activities had come to a halt in all the prisons across the country since March this year due to the lockdown associated with COVID-19.46 Prisons In Ghana To Benefit From IYF's Virtual Learning TelevisionsDSP ADAMU LATIF ABDUL, PRO for the Nsawam Medium Prisons in his comments after receiving the first Television, remarked that the gesture could not have come at a better period than this time when it was very difficult to congregate or pursue education for the inmates. “With the coming of this product, we now know and can be assured that the inmates can now continue or now have their lessons in the gospel. Indeed, it’s going to help the reformation and the rehabilitation process of the inmates.”

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Rev.Young Jun Moon, Country Director of the International Youth Fellowship Foundation Ghana has said that the foundation will continue to support the prisons not just the material aspects, but also, the immaterial aspects (Theological Lessons and Mindset Education Concept), to speedup the rehabilitation process we all envisage for the inmates. He further mentioned that the newly established Mahanaim Theological College will now commence active academic work using scripture-based lessons complemented by the Mindset Education Concept to lift the face of the prisons in Ghana.

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46 Prisons In Ghana To Benefit From IYF's Virtual Learning TelevisionsThe International Youth Fellowship Foundation is a non-government organization established in South Korea with the goal of grooming competent and resilient young people for development through donations and volunteer services. Its establishment is hinged on Christian principles with the sole objective to raise leaders with a global insight through mindset education, social service, local and international exchange to provide realistic solutions to problems in the global space.

In Ghana, the organization works hand-in-hand with the International Youth Fellowship (IYF) to extend a helping hand to the prisons through donations and other forms of human capital developments.


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