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Wicked Ghanaian leaders act unconcerned about hard times – Don Little

Ghanaian actor, Don Little, has expressed worry over the kind of wicked leaders filled up on relevant offices in Ghana.

According to little actor, born Steven Atanga, Ghanaian leaders are known to take glory when citizens  succeed on their own but when the same people who voted for them to win elections are faced with challenges they are no where to help.

“They have been elected to find solutions to help the country but they show little to no interest in our affairs”.

Don Little made this known in an interview with Joy News.

He mentioned that Ghana has several people going through diverse struggles but politicians and other leaders of the country have paid a deaf ear to their plight but always focus on things that will get them hailed.

He noted that Ghanaian leader are wicked and do not represent the interest of the masses who voted them to power.

Don Little mentioned that with time, most Ghanaians will die because of the problems engulfing them because times are hard but politicians and other leaders only think of what they and their family will get.


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