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Why Africa Is Rich In Natural Resources Yet Poor, A Book By Afia English

Afia English BookGhanaian blogger and author Afia English has released her second book titled “Why Africa Is Rich In Natural Resources Yet Poor.”

The book tackles the abundance of natural resources on the African continent and how African countries have failed to harness these resources to generate wealth.

Born Afia Sarpong, Afia English majored in B.A Social Sciences (Geography and Sociology) at the University of Cape Coast and served as a volunteer writer for the New Independent newspaper and Today Newspaper in 2012.

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She started in 2013 as the first female to begin entertainment blogging. Her educational and informative articles got her blog nominated as the ‘Best New Blog’ at the 2014 Ghana Blogging and Social Media Awards.

Afia English currently writes at and had several recognitions, including her article being used by Students of Auchi Polytechnic as a case study.

Click here to get a copy of the book

Afia English Book


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