To be successful in life you need one woman – Rev Eastwood Anaba

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To be successful in life you need one woman – Rev Eastwood AnabaFounder, President and CEO of Eastwood Anaba Ministries (EAM), Rev. Joseph Eastwood Anaba, has warned men against adultery, stating that having a side chick (girlfriend) aside marriage is a drain of resources and a waste of time.

The renowned preacher of the Gospel made this statement during one of his sermons on Sunday. To him sticking to one wife makes one financially stable and makes one matured compared to having extramarital affairs.

He explained that sin has a negative consequence on people’s finances, demonstrating his assertion with how girlfriends impoverish the financial resources of married men.

In brief, Rev. Eastwood wants men to forget about the many and be with that one woman who will help them to become successful in life.

“I don’t see how you can sin and it won’t affect your finances. Keeping only your wife saves you a lot of money. Girlfriends, they will take your money oo! “ Rev. Anaba cautioned.

In case a married man has a girlfriend who is not interested in his money, then the girlfriend is up to a more evil thing: taking away the man’s life, he added.

Rev Eastwood is a prominent preacher who since 1988 has preached the Gospel to millions of live audiences through various church meetings and reaching audiences through television, videos and other forms of media channels.

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