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The Unscripted Show: Lisa Bounces Back with New Episode

The Unscripted Show LisaThe Unscripted Show is back online with a new episode!

Hosted by Lisa P. Ntewusu, Lisa Baakope as she’s popularly known is out of her shells once again with an all new season of The Unscripted Show.

The online show aimed at supporting new talents and brands begun in 2017 but took a little break for improvements and has resurfaced with a bang according to the host.

She talks about the way forward on this latest episode below.

Supported by I-mage films, “we faced a lot of challenges with production in the past,” Lisa reveals.

The Unscripted Show, an online interactive platform, has the sole aim to give up and coming personalities and businesses a platform for market their worth.

Check out the uncut episode where Lisa re-introduces The Unscripted Show.


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