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Teacher with no arms uses chalk in mouth to write and teach pupils

Teacher with no arms uses chalk in mouth to write and teach pupilsA Ghanaian female physically challenged teacher has defied the odds by tutoring pupils with with no arms.

Born Enyonam Louisa Esi Ayisi, the Adoagyiri R/C school in Kasoa is blessed to have her, a physically challenged teacher with no arms. Ms Enyonam is still able to facilitate her daily routine as teacher by holding a chalk with her lips to write on a board.

The teacher became an inspiration to people after a photo of her went viral. According to NetbuzzAfrica.com checks, Madam Enyonam does most of her activities with her legs. She has no upper limbs and depends heavily on her lower limbs which unfortunately are not well developed. Regardless, she pursues her daily activities with joy. For her, disability is not inability.

Madam Enyonam joins other disabled persons to put hope back into their community.

In a recent photo, madam Enyonam is spotted with a felt-tip pen in her mouth writing on a board and social media cannot have enough of it. Madam Enyonam is pictured holding the tip of a marker with her mouth to write.

Teacher with no arms

Despite her challenges and awkward predicament, she still believes in empowering the community by transferring knowledge to her pupils. She teaches her pupils about how to be leaders, move out of their comfort zones and beat down the naysayers in life to become winners.

Winning is a choice and madam Enyonam has a way of exhibiting her success to her students.

The powerful message she conveys goes beyond the classroom. Madam Enyonam has defined true resilience in the face of an obvious challenge. Our Woman Crush Wednesday!


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