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Strip Workers Reveal The Craziest Things They Have Witnessed On Their Job

Las Vegas Strip Workers Reveal The Craziest Things They Have Witnessed On Their Job. Lets review 15 of them.Strip Workers Reveal The Craziest Things They Have Witnessed On Their JobThe Las Vegas Strip is a stretch of South Las Vegas Boulevard in Clark County, Nevada, known for its concentration of resort hotels and casinos. The Strip is approximately 4.2 miles (6.8 km) in length. It’s famous for its nightlife and nightclubs. It has always been an oasis where people from all over the world descend upon the desert to unwind and get completely blackout drunk, which of course leads to outrageous silliness. I have been following Reddit for a long time and someone asked ‘What are the craziest things people who work or have worked on the Las Vegas trip have ever witnessed?’ The answers were really surprising and jaw-dropping. Let’s find out the craziest things people have witnessed below.

Wanna know what happens in Las Vegas Strip? Scroll down to see the best and craziest things shared by people who work or have worked there.

1. Used thongs seller

User David wrote: ‘I had a guy come up to me and tried to sell me used lingerie/thongs that “strippers” wore. He had a gym bag full of thongs. I just made an 180 and walked the f*** away.’

People Who Work Or Have Worked On The Las Vegas Strip Have Shared The Craziest Things They Have Witnessed.

2. The “Kick my balls” Police

One user wrote: ‘I don’t work in Vegas but I saw a man once on the strip with a sign that said: “kick me in the balls for $10”.

People Who Work Or Have Worked On The Las Vegas Strip Have Shared The Craziest Things They Have Witnessed.

3. Hey you, come and insult me for $5

“One guy was offering $5 to whoever insults him and say bad things about him.”

craziest things in Las Vegas Strip

4. A couple who just can’t wait

Another user wrote: ‘They couldn’t use the room because their friends were in there so they just did it, fairly loudly but mostly clothed, in the freaking hallway. This is one of the craziest things I have ever witnessed.’

crazies things in Las Vegas Strip

5. A woman who just ran away leaving her baby behind

“Woman getting caught stealing was walking down the Las Vegas strip with her daughter in a stroller. As soon as she realized she was busted she took off, leaving her baby behind.”

crazies things in Las Vegas Strip

6. And the crowd went crazy

Another crazy story from a guy who lived in Las Vegas strip for a good long time.

“I lived there for seven years, but I never worked on the Strip or anything. The most notable thing I can recall: someone did “Big Buttz” by Sir Mix-A-Lot during karaoke, and some chick in a miniskirt invaded the stage and started twerking or whatever you call it. No panties, and the most elastic, low-hanging vulva I have ever seen. It must have been a good four or five inches of swinging turkey gobbler.
She was literally whipping it. Like, up, down, back and forth, in a circle.
The crowd went feckin bananas, as you can imagine. The guys were all howling like starving wolves on the other side of a cage from a side of beef. It was legendary.”

7. A grown-up cry baby

Isa said: ” I don’t work there but my mom saw a guy crying like a baby in a diaper, next to a prostitute, outside of a Hooters.”

crazies things in Las Vegas Strip

8. Naked Guy pissing in middle of the road

Another confession: “A few years ago I’m the DD driving home from a local bar. Most artery streets in Vegas are 45, and I was probably going 50. I see something down the road so I start to slow down as it’s dark. It’s a dude standing there. Black dude, maybe 40-50, with no shirt on and he’s facing my vehicle as I approach. I get a bit closer and realize his d*ck is out. He is urinating in the centre lane of a 45 mph road. After coming to a complete halt, we just stare at him. After a few seconds, with his other hand, he just waves me by, telling me to proceed. I did.”

crazies things in Las Vegas Strip

9. Oh sweet God

Another user says; “I Work at a local college campus. I had to have a handwritten conversation with a deaf guy about why he couldn’t look at porn in public where there were minors.
Later that same semester, in rooms where the back “wall” consists of a panel of windows, a guy sitting in the last row of computers was jerking it to some porn and ran out with his pants around his ankles when security came to remove him.”

crazies things in Las Vegas Strip

10. Making out in pool

Lango says; “I used to be a lifeguard on the strip and the craziest thing would probably be how many people think it’s cool to f*ck in the pool. I mean wtf! You need a room key just to get to the pool area, walk back to your room to f*ck.

crazies things in Las Vegas Strip

11. Hooker type looking hot chick

“A hooker-looking chick was wearing acrylic platform heels about 8″ high and she was walking through the front doors into the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas strip.
As soon as she crossed from doormat to marble floor, she turned her ankle and it broke right in front of me as I continued to walk out.”

crazies things in Las Vegas Strip

12. The casino craziness

Another user said; ” I don’t work in Las Vegas strip, but I go to a convention there every year. It was my first Defcon, and this was back at the Riviera, a casino so terrible that as long as you weren’t actively demolishing the casino, they tolerated pretty much anything.

Craziest thing I saw was a guy bust through the top of the elevator solid snake style. The guy proceeds to punch the emergency stop, turns to the other guy in the elevator, and proceed to ice him.
As in, made him drink a Smirnoff Ice.
After his…. bro? chugged the Natty, he turns to me and says “YOU SAW NOTHING” then runs down an adjacent stairwell.
I started walking off as security was coming up – I told them some guy hit the stop button and ran off. Natty Guy gave me a nod. Ran into Solid Snake later playing blackjack.”

crazies things in Las Vegas Strip

13. What?

” Years ago I attended a wedding at the Riviera. I was waiting outside the chapel with dozens of others who were waiting to attend weddings watching the ones going on on a closed circuit TV hooked up on the wall. Next to this holding area was a restaurant that was closed for business, but the glass door to entering was unlocked. The whole wall facing the holding area was glass.

So we’re standing there and I notice this unkempt man milling about amongst us wedding attendees. Suddenly he takes off his shirt. I thought it odd, but it was getting a little warm in the area with all of the people standing around. Next, he removed his belt, then pants, then underwear, and buck naked he entered the empty restaurant, and took a chair at a table facing out through the window, seemingly waiting to have his order taken or something. We were all so taken aback that nobody even called security for several minutes. Eventually, security arrived and escorted him out in all his glory. I admit I was a bit late to take my seat for the wedding as I waited for the end of that impromptu show.”

crazies things in Las Vegas Strip

14. A man dies in casino

Katy says; “We saw a man actually die on the casino floor at Excalibur. He fell out of his seat at a slot machine. Security came and called paramedics, who tried to revive him but could not.
Just like in the old jokes, not a single person left or stopped playing their machine. Nothing fazes people in Las Vegas strip and the craziest things are always welcome.”

crazies things in Las Vegas Strip

15. Just another common thing in Las Vegas Strip

One of the lifeguards said: ‘We would be cleaning up condoms, vomit, alcohol containers, clothing, syringes and all kinds of garbage up after closing every week, it was absolutely disgusting.’

This level of filth was confirmed by another worker at one of the strip’s popular clubs who also has seen a lot of craziest things.

crazies things in Las Vegas Strip

Have you ever been to Las Vegas? If you have I’m sure you would have come across some craziest things. There are many stories and craziest things you will find on the web about Las Vegas. Be prepared if you are planning a trip or I would say just go there and have fun, because What happens in Vegas,….

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