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Stop unnecessarily criticisms and support what belongs to us – Becca

Stop unnecessarily criticisms and support what belongs to us – BeccaBad news sells and that is what the media in Ghana thrives on; this is according to some players in the entertainment industry in Ghana.

The latest individual to add her voice to the above is songstress Becca. The songstress in a recent tweet has recorded her displeasure with the turn of events in the entertainment industry.

The actress in a tweet asked that “When will we stop criticising unnecessarily, throw away PHD syndrome and start supporting and believing in what belongs to us”.

Her tweet comes days after there were reports that the artist had bought followers on Instagram and hardly gets interaction on her Instagram account which has only one million followers.


She indicated that “pettiness does not deserve attention” and that she will not give people who do not deserve her time that space.



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