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Staring at breasts can add more years to a man’s life: study

Staring at breasts can add more years to a man's life: studyYup! Boobs, no matter how many you have seen in life, whenever you see a new one, you get excited for only God knows how long you want to live long as a man!

The study observed in 500 men between the ages of 18-26 years group over a five year time period has proven to save men from some heart diseases early..

Men staring at boobs might be considered creepy and sleazy, as there has been a lot of research into figuring out the reason for men being fascinated with breasts.

But a new study suggests that the activity which is widely seen as inappropriate might be very good for men as staring at breasts increases life expectancy of men by four to six years.

Backed by MTV, Playboy and former Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi, researchers studied 500 men in the 18-26 age group, and asked 100 men to constantly look at women’s breast, while 100 were asked to stare at women with breast implants.Staring at breasts can add more years to a man's life: studyThe volunteers were observed for five years and were then examined to find that those who were asked to focus on breasts had lower blood pressure, better circulation and low chances of blood clotting, as compared to others. Those asked to avoid staring showed hypertension and increased risk of cardiac arrest and cancer, which can cut life expectancy by 5 years.

The study was conducted by German scientist Karen Weatherby. A women’s isn’t only healthy for babies, it’s good for men’s health as well.


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