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Samini ‘shot himself in the foot’ for choosing Ebony over Kaakie – Bulldog

Lawrence Nana Asiama Hanson, aka Bulldog, Chief Executive Officer for Bullhaus Entertainment has reacted to Dancehall artiste, Samini’s claim that Ebony is better of than Kaakie.

The artiste manager in a recent Television submission on Joy Prime indicated that the High Grade Record Label owner choosing Ebony over Kaakie had unintentionally made the situation worse for himself because it demonstrates gross incompetence on his part as a God-father to the former XLM artiste.

“I’ll be surprised if really Samini chose Ebony over Kaakie, if it’s true he said that then he (Samini) has ‘shot himself in the foot’. Samini brought Kaakie up so does it mean, he didn’t believe in her (Kaakie)?” Bulldog quizzed.
According to Bulldog, Samini made such a rhetorical statement about his own female artiste because he didn’t believe in her brand as Dancehall diva.

He further commented that the ‘My Own’ hitmaker has exposed himself for not fully grooming the dancehall diva for the music market.

Bulldog added that the ‘Inna Da Club’ singer started her music career with the High Grade Family from scratch after she was evicted from ‘Stars Of The Future’ music reality show.

“Is Samini not proud of his work… so for me, it’s not about Kaakie but about Samini because she embodies Samini more. When Kaakie was coming up, it was High Grade Family that held her up so if Samini is saying this TODAY, then all the work he did was for nothing,” Bulldog added.
Bulldog asked, “How will Samini feel if someone or his own Manager (Tony Daning) chooses Shatta Wale over him (Samini).”

The former manager of Shatta Wale said Kaakie is a talented female dancehall than Ebony because she is been able to draw a line between his professional work as a nurse and her music career.

According to him, if Ebony’s excessive body exposure is the reason why the Dancehall legend picked her over Kaakie then his reason is shallow.

“It isn’t like Kaakie wore gowns all the time but she is done her bad stuff showing her boobs and other enticing features,” Bulldog said.

When it comes to female Dancehall in Ghana, there are so far two tough girls leading the pack and they are Xtra Large Music’s Kaakie and Ruff Town Records’ Ebony Reigns.

The two talented vocalists have been trending since the beginning of the year with hits after hits, and gigs after gigs.

But, amongst the two, Dancehall Legend Samini has his favourite.

The “My Own” hitmaker in an exclusive interview on Pulse Chat on Wednesday, August 2, admitted that when it comes to female Dancehall, he will always choose Ebony over Kaakie but still holds the latter to his heart.

“Kaakie is my daughter and there will be a limit to things I can do with Kaakie so I will choose Ebony,” Samini told Pulse.com.gh adding that “She’s splendid.”



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