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Rashida Black Beauty’s sex video reminds us of our lost morals

Rashida Black Beauty

People are not well-off, yet we couldn’t beggars in our own land. The story of an ordinary girl Rashida ‘Black Beauty’ who won an award for releasing the popular Malafaka video turned out to be an inspiring story for most Ghanaians after it was revealed she went through a broken heart issue even under-age.

In most cases people who are offered the chance to belong in society turns out to do great stuff. These same people turn out to inspire and motivate others but in the cases of some Ghanaian web-cum celebrities, it’s a whole different story! It’s either nude or nothing sensible.

We recently saw the absurd nude photos released by actress Christable Ekeh and we’ve seen majority link her actions to Bipolar among other insane disorders but the truth could be that these women just want the public’s attention nothing else.

I woke up to a Friday explicit video from the ‘Black Beauty’- Rashida. In the wake of her feature of a yet-to-be premiered movie dubbed ‘Noko Fio’, I thought that should have been enough for her celebration but it seems she just wants to remind us how we lost our moral values as a country! While it’s possible to dispose-off anything online, that isn’t the case with culture. We abhor public exposure of one’s nakedness.

Rashida and Christable aren’t the only women we can quote in the phase of Ghanaian nudity for fame. The likes of Moesha Babiinoti BoduongBibi Bright, Mzbel and many others have all passed the test of lost morals in the country.

People often look to religion to guide moral behavior. However, religious beliefs often confuse people through various doctrines.  It is important to know what factors lead us to lose moral values. Morality being sacrosanct is mostly dictated by inner consciousness.

People realize this consciousness constantly, but try to ignore it because the mind and the attention flow outside, and rarely inside. Morality goes beyond legal and social values. You may be within legal rights in performing certain acts, but if these create discomfort to others, it may not be moral.

Interestingly, we’re fast losing our dignity as Ghanaians. In more successful industries such as Hollywood, it is common to see top celebrities strip completely for promotional shoots but over here in Ghana, the idea has not fully been explored. Today, it’s acceptable for a female ‘celebrity’ to put on a dress that is transparent exposing the nipples of her breast.  Worst of it all, they go for photo shoots with outrageous outfits and later complain of wardrobe malfunctioning when their images go viral. That’s basically the new license behind indecent dressing and behaviours in our society.

There is every kind of natural environment and every kind of lifestyle elsewhere that people want to have for themselves and their families but in the case of our developing country Ghana, it’s a shame our parents do not raise their children anymore. Once you’re born, it’s your responsibility as a child to learn how to survive or die trying to live the social media lifestyle…

Our moral principles are in tatters already. Now it seems we only celebrate mediocrity in Ghana!



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