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Police officer did not kill GSTS student – Lawyer

Counsel for the police officer who was accused of shooting a GSTS final year student to death has said his client is innocent of the charges brought against him.

Earlier reports indicated that Corporal Adjei Shaibu opened fire on five students when he came across them on their way to a rap concert at Shama Junction, in the Western Region after accusing them of being armed robbers.

The case which was called at the Takoradi District Court yesterday [Thursday] has been adjourned to January 12, 2018.

Speaking to journalists, counsel for the accused, Edmond Acquaah Arhin, however, said the request for adjournment was against the right of his client.

Lawyer Edmond Acquaah- Arhin stated that “my client has told me that he did not shoot anybody, the gunshot was not from him. The police is supposed to proof that my client had a gun, shot it and the resultant shooting is what has happened.

So my client tells me he did not shoot, he was not wielding a gun, he was not at that particular place at that particular time. So we are here for the prosecution to prove that indeed he did that”.

He continued that he has “so many doubts” that his client committed the act.

“If the stories that we have heard in the media is anything to go by, and it is the same story that the police is going to rely on, I will be surprised.

For the information that I have, the investigations I have also done, and the interrogation I have done with my client and the lady he accompanied, it will be extremely difficult for the police to prove their case.”

The State Prosecutor however assured that the investigation team will do everything to ascertain the circumstances that led to the killing of the victim, Lawrence Baidoo.

Meanwhile, the second victim who sustained gun wounds is undergoing surgery.


Source: Samcilla/ CitiFM

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