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Photos: Uganda’s Nyege Nyege Festival climax fourth edition

The Nyege Nyege International Festival, climaxed its fourth edition although it experienced a slow start.

The well attended festival went down at Nile Discovery Beach in Jinja with thousands of merry-makers treated to a blend of musical hits and fashion, style among other entertaining features.

The event was not any different from the previous four as ladies again carried the day with booty shorts dominating the event.

The international music and cultural festival Nyege Nyege, featured artists from across the globe organized by Talent Africa. Boasting of over 300 artists and Djs from 30 countries, patrons were entertained for four days back-to back. The highlight of this year’s Nyege Nyege Festival was the ‘Spirit of Uganda’ stage that featured the best of traditional troupes.

However, critics perceived the festival as one that promotes sexual immorality, something that led to its cancellation by the Ugandan government before the organizers later negotiated with the authorities to find a middle ground.The festival aims to connect underground musicians and producers from around the continent with those working with African music outside the continent.

Nyege Nyege is Luganda for feeling a sudden uncontrollable urge to move, shake or dance. Just what the festival is about every September from 6th-9th .


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