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NPP dumps Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry over ‘whining’ comments

Robert Ahomka-Lindsay

Even though Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry, Robert Ahomka-Lindsay has apologised for his whining comments that got a section of Ghanaians and Diasporians angry, the New Patriotic Party (NPP), has dissociated itself from the comments.

Acting Communications Director, Yaw Adomako Baafi has subsequently apologised to Ghanaians and persons from the Diaspora indicating that the comments are indefensible and not representative of the views of government and the party.

“His comments are indefensible and unwarranted. I wish to use this opportunity to apologise to Ghanaians and the Diasporians. Those of you who know President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo well will understand that he does not subscribe to such comments in view of his resolve to attract businesses and open job opportunities”, he said on Okay Fm.

He appealed to those who are trying to link the party and government to the comments to see it as the personal view of the Deputy Minister rather that put them together.

Meanwhile the embattled Deputy Minister has issued a statement clarifying his stance on the matter.


I refer to recent discussions on a 2 to 3-minute clip from my 14-minute speech given at the Ghana Diaspora meeting in Accra. The clip is a complete misrepresentation of the speech and taken completely out of context.

I was asked to give my candid opinion on my experience as a Diaspora returnee and how I would advise others who intend to make a similar journey. My speech was in 5 parts:

1. Your approach to trying to get results in Ghana
2. What you should expect when you make the move to Ghana
3. The opportunities available for you in Ghana
4. The rewards for perseverance
5. The next steps
The clip being shown referred to section 1 of the speech. Listening to it independent of the other three sections gives a completely different meaning to the speech I would implore all that want to get a true picture of my speech to look at it on YouTube

None of my comments were meant to cast aspersions. They were an expression of my personal experience. I wish to assure the people of Ghana and all those who have been offended by my comments that I did not in any way intend to sound offensive in my presentation. I hold all Ghanaians in the greatest respect and would not in any way do or say anything that would impugn their integrity.



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