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Nima Attack: Police restore calm, seven gangs arrested

Nima-Mamobi clash with Shatta Kumordzie and BombaHeavy police presence has been sighted to restore calm to Nima and its surroundings following Tuesday’s shoot out.

The service stated that there is heavy police presence within the neighbourhood in an attempt to restore peace and prevent a reprisal attack from the feuding gangs.

The Police Service has also revealed that seven people have been arrested after two gangs from Nima and Mamobi clashed on Tuesday.

According to the Police, two people sustained gunshot wounds and currently are on admission responding to treatment.

ACP Kwesi Ofori, Director of Public Affairs of the Police Service said they are on the search for the leaders of the two gangs known as Shatta Kumordzie and Bomba.

“Nima witnessed mass violence around 3:30 pm yesterday [Tuesday], and the Police quickly intervened. The violence spread across some sections of Nima and we managed to stabilise the situation. Seven persons have been arrested. Five are presently here with us, and the other two are on admission at the Police hospital,” ACP Ofori stated at a Press Conference.

The two rival groups reportedly clashed after one group attacked a member of the other group when he visited the Mamobi neighbourhood to transact some business.


Nima-Mamobi clash with Shatta Kumordzie and BombaThe Nima- Mamobi fight broke out after an alleged Sakawa boy was beaten at home by the thugs from Nima headed by their leader, one Bumbum (Bomba) for disrespecting them.

The Sakawa boy who was furious over the action of Bum bum (Bomba) and his gang reported the issue to Shatta Kumordzie, an alleged bodyguard of Shatta Wale, who also didn’t wait to listen to the other side of the story but went ahead to organize his boys for revenge.

Both Kumordzie and Bum Bum (Bomba) according to eyewitnesses mounted barriers on the main streets waiting for people from each other’s camps to cross but since no one crossed they stayed low until a gunshot from one of the camps triggered the bloody clash.

It continued that the bullet from the gun hit one man from the other camp who was closing his shop fearing for his life after seeing what was happening until Ghana police intervened.

Police place GHC20k bounty on Nima gang leaders

Nima-Mamobi clash with Shatta Kumordzie and BombaThe Police Service earlier announced a GHC20,000 bounty on the heads of the alleged ringleaders of the Tuesday violent clash between two rival gang groups in Nima and Mamobi in Accra.

The suspects being sought after by the Police are Ali Awudu alias Bomba and Ibrahim Hussein alias Kumodzi.

Gangsterism of this height will not be accepted by the Ghana Police Service, and we will do whatever it takes to make sure we nip them in the bud and dismantle their network.

“So far, police have said the tensions were the latest attempts to “lord over each other,” though the exact cause of Tuesday’s violence remains unknown. There have been occasions where they have had a lot of fights at the lower level without coming to the light,” Director of Public Affairs of the Ghana Police Service, ACP Kwesi Ofori told the media at a press conference Wednesday night.


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