Nigerian doctor explains why dogs bark at night

Nigerian doctor explains why dogs bark at nightA Nigerian doctor, Maxvayshia, has claimed on social media the reason why dogs bark at night.

Maxvayshia believes it’s because they see departed souls at night.

According to the Nigerian doctor identified on social media as Maxvayshia, the dead also see through the eyes of a dog.

While boredom and loneliness could be some of the possible factors leading to dogs barking at night, this Nigerian doctors believes otherwise.

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Maxvayshia, a medical doctor, also adds that due to the high wavelength of dogs’ eyesight they are able to see the spirit of the dead. He added that the dead can also see through the eyes of dogs and cats.

How interesting!

He further claims that most of the people who sell or drive at night could be departed souls and their presence can be felt at night by dogs when the living walk past them.

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Meanwhile, Dog Journalist Audrey shares with Netbuzz Africa some of the real reasons why dogs bark at night.

“Dogs become bored easily when they have nothing to do, and will make their own fun. Barking at every sound they hear, joining in with the neighbor dogs in a group barking session, or just barking to let out energy are all reasons behind night barking.”


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