Mzbel alleges Counsellor Lutterodt wanted her ‘pumpum’ after begging for a phone

Mzbel alleges Counsellor Lutterodt wanted her 'pumpum' after begging for a phoneGhanaian vocalist Mzbel has taken a swipe at Counsellor George Lutterodt, calling him a “stupid” unemployed man.

Mzbel, 38, appears very pissed after hearing the controversial counsellor denigrate her in a recent radio interview. The angry singer in a video has exposed some secrets about the popular counsellor.

In the video, she alleges that Counsellor Lutterodt goes around begging for money to fuel his car which was also bought for him by another man.

This is not the first time Counsellor George Lutterodt has been accused for living a “beggars” life in suit.

Mzbel’s comments come after the counsellor said on Accra-based Okay FM that Mzbel is unemployable. But giving her own response, the “Tongues” singer said she owns her own business and therefore does not need anyone to offer her a job.

She further accused the counsellor of jumping from one radio station to another because he can’t find a permanent job. Mzbel concluded by saying Counsellor Lutterodt once came to her asking that she buys him a phone, and in exchange, he will go after anyone who dares attack her.

“Counsellor Lutterodt or whatever u claim u are…I’m the Boss of a firm that will employ your stupid grown ass when TV & Radio are done with u. And oh sir, my pumpum isn’t for old unemployed beggars like u… You need to be polished first. Bye,” the controversial singer posted.


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