My Rival Is Wasting Her Time With My Man – Tracey Boakye

My Rival Is Wasting Her Time With My Man - Tracey Boakye Kumawood actress cum producer Tracey Boakye is in the news after fighting with her rival over a man.

Tracey in the past claimed to be a hardworking woman but in a recent social media banter, she has exposed herself by revealing the source of her sudden wealth.

According to her, the alleged man she’s sharing with other ladies said he has broken up with her rival and she’s currently the only one he likes.

“He said he’s done with you, I am the one he likes, f*ck off. If he likes you I dare him to do for you what he has done for me. He should bring you to East Legon and buy new car for you,” she said in a video that since gone viral.”

It is, however, unclear the exact rival she is targeting neither is it known which man she is fighting over but it’s clear that Tracy is only using body for cash and properties all in the name of hard work.

Tracey Boakye welcomed her second child recently with an unknown man and she wonders why her rival hasn’t given their mutual man a child too. She hailed herself for scoring the best from the man she’s dating whiles her rival only throws shade online.

“I am proud of myself, 29-year-old but a land lady to a lot of people. The man is cheating you, look at how he is treating me and how he is treating you. Learn sense, you are growing old and will be 50 soon,” she added.


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