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Mercy Johnson shows off her new look

Nigerian actress, Mercy Johnson Okojie has shared a new look that has left all of us drooling over her stunning beauty and fine-tuned hot body.

Mrs Okojie, 34, is naturally gorgeous and talented, an evidence we can testify in her daily activities especially through her movies.

Earlier this year in June,  Prince Odi Okojie, the husband of popular Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson revealed he noticed a sudden change in his wife’s behaviour since her mother passed on and cried he wanted his wife back after he realised he could no longer endure his wife change of behaviour.

It seems social media isn’t bad after-all, Mercy Johnson has taken to her Instagram page to share a latest look, an activity we believe is to confirm she’s back to being the good wife she has always been.

Although she has lost some weight, her huge boobs and cute ass are carefully intact!Mercy Johnson shows off her new look


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