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Meet the self-made millionaire who arrested Ibrah One

Stephen “Heloo” does not seem entirely comfortable with his somewhat impressive claim to fame in the last few days after he managed to tip police for Ibrah’s arrest in a money laundering deal gone bad.

He has been the topic after news broke that one Ghana millionaire named Ibrahim Daouda, popularly known as Ibrah One, has been arrested. While social media has been flooded with several revelations about Ibrah One, many are yet to know who the “Heloo” person actually is.

Ibrah One was also reportedly arrested by police for defrauding Heloo to the tune of $400,000, an amount he received through a bank transfer on behalf of Heloo and has refused to give the money him.

Bjrlivefm.com can confirm that Heloo was the same guy who tipped the police and recorded the viral arrest video for the public. One thing we also know is, he’s traveler, a young businessman, investor who plies Ghana, South Africa, Nigeria among other countries.

Interestingly, Heloo has been tracking popular millionaire Ibrah One for more than a year until Tuesday’s arrest a source revealed to netbuzzafrica.com. The source adds that Ibrah One has also been taking more money from him for a very long time until Heloo’s patience run out. Although Ibrah tried to flee Ghana to South Africa, he was again stopped by the excellent police personnel who handled the case.

About Stephen Heloo

Meet the self-made millionaire who arrested Ibrah OneThe youngest self-made millionaire in the making seems a supremely confident businessman and excellent investor as well as a spy. Understand if you owe him, he will definitely find you.

Born Stephen Gabriel ‘Heloo’, he’s also called Slym Daddy or Jibril in his circles. He hails from the Volta region of Ghana.

Ask him about how wealthy he is, and you sense his awkwardness.

“Beware of “THEY” they come in form of friends,” says Heloo in a post.

Currently, he owns a plush apartment in Ghana and drives two customized cars. A Range Rover and a Benz c300 2016. No public businesses so far but he’s the real deal among his filthy rich friends.

According to sources, Heloo got arrested some days in connection with $1.2 Million Gold scam. To save him trouble, Heloo volunteered information to the Interpol and the BNI about the money laundering activities of his friend Ibrah One in exchange for immunity.

Update: Ibrah One says he wasn’t arrested

Although Ibrah One has been granted bail, he may not have enough chances to travel outside Ghana until investigations are complete.

In another twist, Ibrah One has revealed he wasn’t arrested and the stories going rounds could be false.

Meet the self-made millionaire who arrested Ibrah One“I think I have a twin brother, ppl messaging me that I was arrested…” he posted on social media.

According to Media reports by the US Attorney’s Office, seven Ghanaians including a South African have also been indicted by a US court in Columbus Ohio for an online romance scam, money laundering, and other related offenses so far.

“In furtherance of the scheme, the co-conspirators allegedly created several companies, some of which were shell companies, to help attempt to hide the true nature of their proceeds,” the report revealed.

The eight people were all indicted on Tuesday, March 6, 2018, until later Tuesday, April 17, 2018 news went viral of the arrest of Ghanaian Baron Ibrah One who has also been linked to money laundering scam.

Bjrlivefm.com found three companies owned by four of the arrested person including Ibrah One.

-Nkosiyoxoxo Msuthu, CEO of Cee & Co Enterprise LLC (Business services) 

-Kwabena Bonsu, CEO of Blackpab Auto LLC (Car dealership)

-Kwasi Oppong, Manager of Blackpab Auto LLC (Car dealership)

-Ibrahim Daouda (Ibrah), CEO of Ibraah One Ventures (Car dealership and Real Estate). He has also been linked to several forex bureau businesses. A lover of fast cars, he has accrued several sports cars including Ferrari, Porsche, Bentley, Mercedes Benz G-wagon, Audi R8, just to name a few.

According to US laws on money laundering, if these people are found guilty and it is proven that their cars, houses, and businesses were built from proceeds of crime, they will subject to forfeiture.

Following their arrest, Ibrah and his friends will face trial in the US.

This is developing story, more to come…


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