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Meet Ghanaian lesbian couple Ella and Sikel

Meet Ghanaian lesbian couple Ella and Sikel

A video of two young girls has gone viral on social media and people are speculating that the two could be a lesbian couple.

This adds up to the issue of legalized homosexuality in Ghana.

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In the viral video, the young couple – known only as Ella and Sikel – appear to be in the early twenties and are seen genuinely enjoying each other’s company, just like any other couple would on any given day.

President of the Republic, Nana Akufo Addo was recently interviewed on Al-Jazeera where he touched upon the issue of the legalization of homosexuality in Ghana, laying emphasis on the fact that there are not enough activists to push the cause. The issue seems to have remained in the minds of Ghanaians to date.

Many people celebrated the President’s comments, where he said the legalization of homosexuality is bound to happen, others saw it as a break from Ghana’s traditional stance of being against it.

Watch the video of Ella and Sikel enjoying each other’s company below.


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