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Lindsay Lohan accused of kidnapping refugee baby boy

Lindsay Lohan has been accused by Twitter users of trying to ‘kidnap’ a Syrian refugee boy after she appeared to accost a family in Moscow, Russia.

The Mean Girls actress, 32, who describes herself as an activist in her Twitter bio, took to her Instagram to live stream herself supposedly confronting the group for ‘trafficking’ before she aggressively warned ‘don’t f**k with me.’

Lindsay spoke in a mixture of Arabic and English, as she said:

‘I won’t leave until I take you. Now I know who you are, don’t f**k with me.  

You are ruining agriculture by doing this, you’re taking these children they want to go. I’m with you boys, don’t worry, the whole world is seeing this right now.

‘I will walk forever, I will stay with you, don’t worry. Is he your son? Give me your hand.’

Yet Lindsay’s ‘heroic actions’ ended in disaster as she went to reach the youngster’s arm and his guardian started shouting at her.

The woman then appeared to push the actress over, leaving the Disney star screaming in shock on the side of the road.

Lindsay then turned the camera on herself, as she seemingly clutched her face in pain, and in between tears she struggled to string a sentence together as she continued: ‘I’m like, in shock right now. I’m just so scared… I thought, literally…’

The scenes have sparked concern amongst her fans who took to Twitter to share their worries over the actress and even accuse her of trying to ‘kidnap’ the child.

One person said:

‘WTF is going on with Lindsay Lohan? Sis went live and recorded herself attempting to steal these homeless people’s kids! #STLA #childtrafficking #LindsayLohan.’

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