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Kumkum Bhagya teaching our children idol worshiping – Fred Amugi

Fred AmugiVeteran actor, Fred Amugi has taken a swipe at television stations airing foreign telenovelas.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Nat Sankofa T. Arthur on Rainbow Radio 87.5FM, the award-winning actor lamented that the shows will have negative influence on the generation to come.

The foreign soaps he stressed are not in tune with our cultural values because they are wide apart.

He wondered why Ghanaian local stations will spend money and dub a foreign language used in producing the content into our local language.

He made reference to the popular telenovela on TV-Kumkum Bhagya and stated, ”how can you spend money dubbing a foreign language into a local language and air it on television? We have abandoned what we can do as Ghanaians.

You are able to dub Hindi into Twi and ask me to watch when their culture and our culture are wide apart.

If in the future our children start worshiping idols as portrayed in the soap opera, what will we do or who are we going to blame?’’

He also lamented over the violence portrayed in American soaps and the negative impact it could have on our children.

‘’If we do not address the concerns I have raised, we will have ourselves to blame,’’ he said.

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