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Kenyans roast Wildlife services for killing hippo at Lake Naivasha

Kenyans roast Wildlife services for killing hippo at Lake NaivashaFollowing an attack on a tourist who met his untimely death while taking photographs at Kenya’s Lake Naivasha, the Wildlife services according to local media have tracked the hippopotamus who killed the tourist and ended its life but Kenyans are not happy with its wildlife services.

The hippo who attacked two men identified as Chang Ming Chuang, 66 (the deceased), and the survivor as Wu Peng Te, 62, has received lots of condolences from Kenya sympathizers who disagree with Wildlife services act.

Although officials say the tourists were from China, Taiwan’s foreign ministry said the two were from the self-ruled island.

Chang Ming Chuang was pronounced dead on arrival at the Naivasha District Hospital, while the other tourist survived the attack on Saturday evening, according to the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS).

Naivasha is a city on the lake 90 km northwest of the capital, Nairobi.

After a severe drought last year, Kenya had several months of heavy rain this year that caused serious flooding, including around Lake Naivasha. Read the angry Kenyan community comments below.


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