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Inna Patty’s lawyers threaten Former Miss Ghana to retract pimping allegation

Inna Patty's lawyers threaten Former Miss Ghana to retract pimping allegation
Delali Kemavor has been asked to withdraw allegations leveled against Miss Ghana organisers

Akufo-Addo, Prempeh & Co, the lawyers of Inna Patty and Exclusive Events Ghana, organizers of the annual scandal-ridden Miss Ghana Beauty Pageant must have been paid a hell lot of money to be doing what comes off as intimidating of a victim.

The firm of lawyers, under the instruction of their clients, has written to Miss Ghana 2015 winner-Antoinette Delali Kemavor to apologize to Inna Patty and Exclusive Events Ghana—and also retract her claims that Inna Patty told her to be “sweet” and “acceptable” of whatever a man they were seeking sponsorship from would demand of her.

The lawyers further threatened by giving the Queen, the supposed victim of Inna Patty’s alleged exploitation and pimping, 3 days to apologize or institute legal actions against her.
Inna Patty's lawyers threaten Former Miss Ghana to retract pimping allegationSo Inna Patty wants to go to court–perhaps, this is when we need to be steadfast and remind ourselves of General Mosquito’s slogan; “any idiot can go to court in a democracy.”

Before the Christmas holidays and the issue of Inna Patty embezzling funds, Margaret Kuma-Mintah, 2013 Miss Ghana first runner-up in another exclusive interview with GhanaCelebrities.Com, cited the case of money they were made to raise which was to go to Korle-Bu Maternity ward but Inna Patty and her cronies never donated to Korle-Bu.

Margaret recounted that, before the grand finale, all the 20 contestants were given letters (below) to help raise funds to make a donation to Korle-Bu’s maternity ward. She raised 6,000 GHS out of the 10,000 GHS target which was given, her other friend (another contestant) raised the whole 10,000 GHS and even though she cannot remember how much the others raised, they also raised something.

Yet, Inna Patty failed to make the said donation—claiming the money raised was not enough and therefore she was going to deposit the money into a Miss Ghana bank account. Inna Patty is said to have told the girls that after the final event, they would make the said donation—and Margaret says, this never happened and she does not know what Inna did with the monies they raised.

Following her allegation, GhanaCelebrites.Com made checks at Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, to find out if the organizers of the Miss Ghana Beauty pageant have donated any of such monies raised to the hospital since they used the hospital’s name to solicit for the funds—and therefore, the funds should have come to them.
Inna Patty's lawyers threaten Former Miss Ghana to retract pimping allegationShockingly, our checks at Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital has revealed that they’ve not received any donations from Miss Ghana organisers since 2013—and the only donation they’ve ever received from them was for 250 GHS, before 2013, made to the Children Health Department.

The question therefore is; where did all the monies Inna Patty and her Exclusive Events Ghana raise through the 20 contestants in 2013, using Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital’s Maternity ward as the ground for their appeal as shown in the above letter go?

There’s also no public record of Inna Patty or her Exclusive Events Ghana making any donations to Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital.

It’s one thing to be alleged to be pimping out girls and exploiting them, but it’s unpardonable, even criminal, to embezzle charity funds.

The irony is; Inna Patty is not being dragged to court over all these—she is rather threatening to sue someone.

Source: Samcilla/BjrliveFM.com/011018/Credit:GhanaCelebrities


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