Inna Patty spent money raised for Korle-bu – Another queen speaks

Inna Patty spent money raised for Korle-bu - Another queen speaksnnaAnother former winner of the Miss Ghana beauty contest is making new claims against the CEO Inna Patty and her company Exclusive Events.

The first runner-up of Miss Ghana 2013, Margarette, has made new claims and allegations of extortion, embarrassing money solicitation and others, has established.

She is said to have resigned two weeks after winning the competition as a first runner-up due to personal grievances she had with Miss Ghana organizers.

In a social media post by the celebrity gossip blog, Margarette is making claims of how Inna Patty spent a huge sum of money they had ‘suffered’ to raise for a project at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital.

She alleged that Inna Patty asked them to go and look for their own money to buy their first and second runner-up crowns. Margarret has also revealed how Inna Patty allegedly paraded them from office to office to beg for money, and that left them embarrassed.

After receiving money from the ‘big men’, the ladies were also given dinner offers. This, Margaretter said, was hazardous for her and the other queen and though Inna and her company were aware, she kept on pushing them to be “smart” with the “big men”.

Margarette is also calling for Parliamentary Enquiry into the various allegations levelled against Inna Patty and Miss Ghana, according to

All these are worrying allegations made against Ghana’s oldest beauty pageant and CEO, Inna Patty who is a former Miss Ghana herself.

Three former winners of Miss Ghana, Stephanie Karikari; Guiseppina Baafi and Antoinette Delali Kemavor, have made serious allegations against Inna Patty and Miss Ghana. The three are reported to have described the beauty pageant as an “escort agency” rather than a beauty contest.

Some social media users are asking questions on what and how funds from sponsorship deals are used for since the news of alleged sexual exploitation, extortion, and other grave things came up against the pageantry.

Many, including the NDC MP for Kunbungu in the Northern Region, are of the view that proper investigations must be done and if found guilty, Exclusive Events, Miss Ghana organizers must not be left unpunished.

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