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I’m Yet To Cash Pacquiao & McGregor Checks – Floyd Mayweather

-Floyd Mayweather’s new $25.5m mega mansion is absolutely ridiculous

I'm Yet To Cash Pacquiao & McGregor Checks - Floyd MayweatherEarlier last month Conor McGregor berated Floyd Mayweather for his alleged money problems in the lead-up to their fight — but I’m looking real hard at these photos and I don’t even see any issues with the dollar.

The boxing star, Floyd Mayweather is showing off his new $25.5million mega mansion in Beverly Hills, California. Yes, it’s as ridiculous as it sounds.

Meanwhile, could you imagine having $600 MILLION in uncashed checks lying around the house?

Floyd Mayweather says that’s exactly the case with him. In an exclusive interview with TMZ Sports he still has NOT cashed his massive checks from the Manny Pacquiao and the Conor McGregor fights.

Mayweather was leaving TAO in L.A. with his entourage Thursday night when he talked about everything from his health to his wealth.

Fun Fact: Floyd says he wants to bring his Las Vegas strip club business out to L.A. too — “It’s time for us to get a new gentleman’s club out here. Girls Collection L.A.”I'm Yet To Cash Pacquiao & McGregor Checks - Floyd Mayweather

Oh, and to prove he’s serious about his fight checks … Floyd says he plans to post ’em on social media later today. He reportedly made around $300 mil per fight.

I'm Yet To Cash Pacquiao & McGregor Checks - Floyd MayweatherHis mansion in Beverly Hills comes with a wine cellar, cinema room and candy shop (and if you look close, you can see all the Reese’s chocolate bars he has bought with your pay-per-view money).

To be fair, it looks like he’s spending his cash pretty well. His net-worth now stands at $340million.

The pricey pad is just a thin slice of the hundreds of millions he won defeating McGregor in the hyped-up Las Vegas fight last month.

Mayweather’s victory over McGregor placed him a 50-0 and solidified his reputation as one of the greatest boxers of all time.

I'm Yet To Cash Pacquiao & McGregor Checks - Floyd MayweatherHe gave himself the moniker Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather a while ago due to the massive payouts he was receiving, but even by his standards it’s fair to say he took home a lot.

Following months of promotion, the fight was always destined to make everyone involved very wealthy, especially the two guys in the ring.

Despite his loss, McGregor silenced critics by going nearly ten rounds with one of the greatest boxers alive while having no professional boxing experience himself.

Watch the video below.I'm Yet To Cash Pacquiao & McGregor Checks - Floyd Mayweather

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