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Iceberg Slim Confirms Juliet Ibrahim Break up With New Update?

Iceberg Slim's Instagram Post Confirms Juliet Ibrahim Break up?Nigerian musician and boyfriend of actress Juliet Ibraham may have just confirmed rumours that he has broken up with the curvy actres.

Iceberg Slim has been silent on the rumours making rumours although Bjrlivefm.com understand he’s been labelled as Juliet Ibrahim’s ex and fans believe he is speaking about her in his new post.

In an Instagram post sighted by netbuzzafrica.com, Iceberg Slim is talking about making the first step. Could it be a new music move or just a hint of their break up?

Juliet Ibrahim and Iceberg Slim have not specifically addressed the issue of their break up, but many people including their fans in both Nigeria and Ghana have drawn the conclusion that their relationship is over.

“The first step is never easy, but if it’s in the right direction, it’ll be worth it,” Iceberg Slim posted on Instagram. Iceberg Slim Confirms Juliet Ibrahim Break up With New Update?

This post came at a time when Juliet Ibrahim has been rumoured to be secretly dating another Nigerian music called Teddy and she has since deleted all her photos and posts she made about Iceberg from her social media handles, and they are not seen travelling or hanging out together again, then they are indeed not an item anymore.


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