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I get suicidal when depressed – Princess Shyngle

  • Despite the strong and confident personality she portrays for the world to see, actress Princess Shyngle becomes suicidal anytime the going gets tough for her.

I get suicidal when depressed - Princess ShyngleThe curvaceous actress, 26, who is seeking professional help disclosed she harbors plans of taking her life whenever she is faced with disappointment.

According to the Miss and Mrs. Actress in an interview with Showbiz, she finds it difficult accepting it when things do not go her way.

“ I cannot take disappointments. When I want something or I am looking for something and things do not work out well, the next thought that comes to mind is to commit suicide,” she said.

Asked how long this has been going on and how she is dealing with it, she said, “it started when I was about 18 years or so. I almost lost my dad through fire outbreak and just the thought alone made me want to kill myself. I couldn’t see myself living my life without him and I thought the best thing was to go with him.”

For the actress, steps are in place to deal with her situation.

“Currently, I am going through treatment to deal with these thoughts and so far it has been good. From time to time, I visit the doctor to go through some sessions. I can’t count the number of times I have contemplated suicide but at least I can say that, ever since I started seeing the doctor, I haven’t considered it.”

Asked if her depression and suicidal tendencies have anything to do with a man, Princess Shyngles quickly answered in the negative.

“This has nothing to do with a relationship be it a broken heart or whatever, not at all. I am just not ok when things do not go the way I want. Like I am trying hard yet things are not going well. I just hate that feeling”, she added.

At age 26, Princess Shyngle who for some time now, has been giving relationship tips on her Instagram page also said the experience has taught her to stay true to herself and not rush into relationships hence her decision to stay single.

“People don’t believe me when I say I am single but the thing is that I am single and it is not because the men don’t come, they do but I have decided to stay single, it is my choice,” she said.

Explaining her decision. she said, “it is simply because I don’t want to find myself in any situation I will regret. I have been there, I have been broken-hearted, I have been lied to, I have been cheated on and it is not a pleasant experience so no need to go back there again, so this time around, I am taking my time and not in a rush at all.”



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