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I earn royalties from South Africa, UK royalties – M.anifest to Rex Omar

In a recent interview on BBC, Ghanaian rapper M.anifest revealed that he had not received a penny from the Ghana Music Rights Organisation (GHAMRO) as royalties since he started doing music, a statement which received several reactions until Rex Omar addressed the issue.

The issue of music royalties has been a major topic for Ghanaian musicians and a burden for most of the A-list acts whose music are used routinely.

Commenting on the issue, Chairman of GHAMRO, Rex Omar, revealed that M.anifest had not assigned his works to GHAMRO – which means he could not take his royalties from them simply because he’s not a registered member but the ‘godMC’ has reacted in the affirmative regarding royalties he receives from other countries.

According to M.anifest, he is not a registered member of South African Music Right Organisation (SAMRO) and UK’s Performing Rights Society (PRS), yet he gets royalties from them.


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