Gospel musician Ernest Opoku impregnates actress, forces her to abort

Gospel musician Ernest Opoku impregnates actress, forces her to abort
Ernest Opoku and Nayas1

Gospel musician Ernest Opoku has been reported to have impregnated actress Nayas1 and asked her to abort the baby after she told him, she was 3 months pregnant.

Gladys Mensah Boaku popularly known as Nayas1, an actress revealed in an interview that, she cheated on her old-man boyfriend because he was starving her with sex and that she was even proud to do that with the new man she found. Interestingly, the man in this situation happens to be renowned Gospel musician Ernest Opoku.

According to dblexnews.com who gave highlights about the scenario, the publisher stated that the actress mentioned Ernest Opoku’s name when it had a chat with her.
“Ernest Opoku had proposed to her and that they were actually dating and that each time the musician came to Accra, it was her place that he stayed,” the actress revealed in an interview with dblexnews.

“We met some months back, Ernest Opoku proposed to me claiming he was single. I doubted in the beginning but later accepted his proposal. My residence at Ashongman Estate was where he resided whenever he came to Accra till I got pregnant” she added.

The Gospel musician who’s alleged to have had a secret abortion with Criss Waddle’s Ex Girlfriend, Yaa Mary, decided to repeat the abominable act this time around victimizing the well-endowed actress, but all his efforts proved futile after the actress failed to take the abortion drug Ernest Opoku bought for her.

The Producer of ‘Endwene Bone’ Movie further revealed that Akwasi Ernest as affectionately called after realising she refused to take the drug got irritated, notwithstanding, led her to a hospital to abort the pregnancy the second time to save his image and credentials as a Gospel musician.

According to the actress, she connived with the doctor to fake the abortion because she couldn’t afford to lose her life.

The Gospel songster upon coming to the realization that the second attempt also failed, got extremely angry and began misbehaving which compelled her to fly from Accra to Ernest Opoku’s residence in Kumasi to cause chaos.

“I did that because I realised I was being taken for a ride and needed to act swiftly to avert any misfortune, but he turned a deaf ear to all the melees. I went ahead to report to a police station in Bantama, not knowing Ernest had already called a friend there known as Ofori to act in his favour, but he(Ofori) resisted because his(Ernest) explanations held no substance” she explained.

After a meeting held, which included movie director, Jackson K Bentum, Nayas, Ernest Opoku, Ofori and one Ericus Papa, Ernest agreed to pay a compensation fee of 5,000 cedis and 6 GTP cloths as requested by the actress, which was duly paid, but she was never persuaded to abort the pregnancy.

As it stands, Ernest Opoku still insists the lady aborts the innocent fetus.

Moreover, his demeanour depicts he cares very little about the entire issue and his image being dented by his own actions. He needs to be called to order because he’s gradually getting out of hand as a Gospel artiste. Had she been his sister, do you believe he would have treated her in this abysmal manner?

This is a developing story. Ernest Opoku is yet to respond to our call as at the time of publishing this article.


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