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Gifty Osei cheated on her ex-husband, Brother Sammy is a Free Mason – Osofo Maame Pep Donkor

A social media woman of God, Sofo Maame Pepertual Donkor has revealed in a Facebook live video how gospel musician Gifty Osei Adorye cheated on her former husband when she visited the United States of America before their divorce.

According to the self-styled “speaker of God,” Gifty Osei slept with a certain man whenever travelled to the US.

“For the respect, I have for your husband, I won’t reveal more secrets today. You are lucky to be married to an older man if not…(sic). Ask yourself, why were you going to and fro America?. Something happened in America and that got your ex-husband angry which eventually collapsed your marriage. You were even lucky he didn’t butcher you like a banana.” Osofo Maame Pep Donkor said.

She stressed Gifty should come clear and explained what happened to her in America and stop ranting about Cecilia Marfo‘s collapsed church/.

She also stated that Gifty’s husband, Hopeson Adorye is angry over her utterances against Cecilia Marfo.

“Even your husband is angry about what you said so I won’t say much to cause more trouble in your new home. Also, your marriage isn’t guaranteed. You never knew what you knew will call fire for you.” Pep Donkor added.

This ‘revelation’ follows Gifty Osei and Brother Sammy‘s accusation that Cecilia Marfo was behind their collapsed careers.

Cecilia Marfo was accused of writing the names of several gospel musicians on 50 cedis note and praying on it to kill their career but according to self acclaimed woman of God, Brother Sammy is now coming out to talk because he recently joined a new small land occult group and they are the once pushing him to come and disgrace Cecilia Marfo as part of his tasks to keep his shine.

She further revealed that this, occult group, is free mason and its members include most of the radio presenters who are supporting Brother Sammy’s evil deeds.


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