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Ghanaian women enjoy tightening their vagina for men – Moesha on CNN

Ghanaian women enjoy tightening their vagina for men - Moesha on CNNIn the previous half of her interview on CNN’s Amanpour show, Moesha Boduong revealed that the economic necessity is what drives most women to date men who can support them — even if they’re married. She also said it is a normal practice in Ghana to date a married man adding that every married man in Ghana keeps a mistress, girlfriend and a wife.

Adding a twist to the whole show, the full interview has been released by CNN yesterday April 23, 2018, and it appears Moesha really sold Ghana ‘out’ to the world.

As if telling the world that Ghanaian women only needed help from men to succeed wasn’t enough, Moesha also told Amanpour that the only way a woman can keep a man is to tighten her vagina while being a freak in bed; a reason she is the favourite mistress of her married man.

“In Ghana, we please our men before we think of ourselves. You need to be a freak in the sheets to keep your man in Ghana and that’s why I’m the favourite mistress’’. She proudly said.

Meanwhile, Legal practitioner and Anti-gay campaigner Moses Foh-Amoaning has named CNN’s ‘Sex and Love’ host Christiane Amanpour and three other journalists from the international website as persons headlining the course for legalization of homosexuality, particularly in African countries.

He stated for a fact their orientation, which according to him is evident in their activities when he spoke with Joy News’ Israel Laryea on JoyNews Prime on Monday. He was speaking on the theme: Homosexuality in Africa: A foreign media agenda?

In his words; “Anderson Cooper is a homosexual, Richard Quest is a homosexual, Christiane Amanpour is and the lady who asked our president the question that is Jane Dutton is homosexual…the gay or lesbian and that is a fact” he said.

Watch the rest of the interview below.


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