Spiritual marriage: Ghanaian Man seeks help after 15 years’ experience

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Spiritual marriageA 35-year-old man has shared his experience on how life has been for him, having been in a spiritual marriage for close to fifteen years.

In an interview with host of Happy FM’s top-rated religious show ‘Nsem Pii’, Pastor Nyanja Blake’s, he shared that sometimes when he goes to sleep, he sees himself having sexual intercourse with a woman and on days that he does not have those dreams, he still wakes up with his shorts and bed soiled.

He said, “I have gone places looking for a solution to this problem but to no avail and it’s really a worry. Even three days ago, I had it again. I’ve been told to put salt in my bathwater and I’ve tried it countless times but I still see the same things”.

He furthered stated that sometimes he sees himself standing with the person beside a river and he doesn’t always see her face but when he does, she is not someone he recognizes.

“At times she sleeps with me beside the river and other times inside a bush. On some occasions, she starts conversations with me and one time she told me she would never allow me to get married because I have been engaged to her”, he added.

The man stated that he tries to argue with her and challenge her during those conversations in his dream but she just ignores him and goes ahead to sleep with him and it has been like this for close to fifteen years now.

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