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Ghana joins 23 countries to celebrate Africa Communications Week

Ghana joins 23 countries to celebrate Africa Communications WeekWaxPrint Media has successfully hosted a Marketing Decoded session to Celebrate Africa Communications Week in Ghana, joining 23 other countries including London, South Africa, Nigeria, Tunisia and  Democratic Republic of the Congo to celebrate Africa Communications Week between May 21 – May 25 2018.

The Ghana edition of  Africa Communications Week was hosted by WaxPrint Media on 23rd of May with an interactive session coined Marketing Decoded: Public Relations and Media Awareness. The event held at Empower Office Suites was led by communications experts and exposed nearly 50 entrepreneurs and marketing professionals representing organizations such as The African Regent Hotel, Prudential Insurance, GoldStreet Business, Premium Bank, and AmDeco Consulting to capacity building and business development opportunities using the platforms of media and communications. Africa Communications Week is the premier gathering for global communications professionals to impact the current narrative on Africa.

“The ability to master the art of Public Relations is the ability to increase awareness and growth for your brand. Sadly, the value and impact of Public Relations is underestimated for most business owners and even governments in Ghana and throughout Africa. The purpose of this seminar was not only to educate attendees about marketing and building brands but also to open a meaningful conversation on the role of communications in Africa’s development,” shares Muhammida El Muhajir, Director of Strategy at WaxPrint Media and a facilitator of Marketing Decoded.

During the program, participants learned the fundamentals of defining a brand story, creatively telling that brand story through press releases and content, sourcing media contacts, and the process of pitching to media.

Ghana joins 23 countries to celebrate Africa Communications Week
Dominic Andoh

Dominic Andoh, the Deputy Editor of the Business and Financial Times (B&FT), Ghana’s leading business newspaper, highlighted the importance of preparing a Publicity Value Report for media campaigns and determining ROI of such campaigns.  “ A journalist writing about a brand or product increases the credibility and value of the brand. Since media houses tend to have an extensive reach, your brand is exposed to the right people at the right time,” says Andoh who teaches Advanced News Writing and Public Affairs  Reporting at the Pentecost University College.

Ghana joins 23 countries to celebrate Africa Communications WeekNana Opoku Agyeman, the co-founder of Ghanaian tech startup, Asoriba who has been featured in top international outlets including Forbes, Aljazeera, France 24, CNN, and BBC led a thought-provoking conversation about his approach and success securing media exposure with little time and resources as well as the role media can play in developing positive brand positioning, acquiring investments, expanding business, and in turn contributing to the country’s per capita income.Ghana joins 23 countries to celebrate Africa Communications WeekMarketing Decoded is WaxPrint Media’s ongoing series to educate and equip entrepreneurs with marketing and communications skills for advancement which aligned with Africa Communications Week’s theme of Economic Integration in Africa: Opportunity for Communication. Check out more photo here.


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