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Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure’s death: All You Need To Know

Ginimbi Kadungure accident carsZimbabwe’s socialite and businessman Genius Kadungure, affectionately known as Ginimbi who died on Sunday morning following a fatal car crash along the Borrowdale road in Harare. had a wish before his death.

NetbuzzAfrica understands the businessman was speeding at the time of the accident following a night of partying at Dreams Night Life Club.

Socialite and video vixen cum fitness enthusiast Michelle Amuli, known as Mimie Moana, also died as she and two others were traveling with Ginimbi. Their death was after hours of celebrating Moana’s 26th birthday at the Dreams Club. NetbuzzAfrica.com has a timeline of all the important events you may have missed below.

The Proposal and Dream

After Ginimbi proposed to Mimie Moana last October, Moana shared a scary dream prior to her 26th birthday. In the dream, the sexy vixen described her death but no one paid attention to her. According to an eyewitness who tried rescuing Moana and her friends in Rolls Royce after the crash “we saw a girl screaming at the back but we couldn’t help her because the car caught fire after we took Ginimbi out…”

Ginimbi’s Coffin and Last Wish

Earlier this year, Ginimbi added a new Ferrari 488 Spider, valued at US$350 000, to his fleet. A few weeks ago, Kadungure turned heads in Zimbabwe’s capital city when he purchased a Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster worth US$600 000 and a coffin. According to his sister in the video below, he told his family to take their time in mourning when he dies.

Scenes From The Crash

A total number of four people died in the accident. They were all lives from Ginimbi’s Rolls Royce.

A number of socialites and prominent people who rushed to the scene of the accident included former Second Lady Marry Mubaiwa Chiwenga, musician Mudiwa Hood, comedian Tyra ‘Madam Boss’  Chikocho, and socialites Don The Billionaire, Fally, and Tsitsi Kachembere. The video below has more.

Survivor Recounts ‘Ginimbi’ Car Crash

According to a survivor from the crash, Ginimbi and his friends could have survived if he didn’t fail to overtake two vehicles in his direction. His Rolls Royce rammed into a tree causing the fire while the survivor’s car only spun. Artwell Kamusara, a survivor narrates his perspective in the video below.

Honda Fit Driver Speaks

Lucky Chikwanda who was driving the Honda Fit also said by the time he saw Ginimbi’s car trying to overtake two vehicles in a swoop, it was already late for Ginimbi to apply breaks but the reason why he (Honda Fit Driver) survived was that he had his seatbelts on. “I could have died, but the seatbelt saved me” – Lucky Chikwanda said in the video below.

From Ginimbi’s Home to Dreams – Last Videos of All Victims Who Died

While many could have wished to see more of the four victims who suddenly lost their lives, the video below recaps their last moments before the unfortunate accident.


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