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February 2020 Coronavirus News UpdatesNORTH AMERICA

United States

  •  1st death in the United States in Washington State[source]
  • Travel advisory raised to level 4: Do not travel to specific regions in Italy and South Korea.
  • Travel from Iran banned.
  • Recent new cases in Washington State, Oregon and California suggest local, person-to-person spread of the virus in the United States.
  • 3 new cases in the United States earlier today: [source] [source] [source]
    – 1 in Washington State
    : a 18-year-old student from Jackson High School in Mill Creek with no travel history to an outbreak area who on Feb. 24 had body aches, chills and a headache. After feeling better, he returned to school, before test results came out on Feb. 28. The school will be closed for a few days of deep disinfecting.
    – 1 in Washington State:
     a woman in her 50s with confirmed travel to Daegu, South Korea.
    – 1 in Oregon [source]
  • 1 new case in Mexico: a man who had traveled to Northern Italy with 2 previously confirmed cases [source]
  • 5 new cases in Canada including[source]
    – a woman in York Region, 34, who had just returned from Iran
    – a woman in Durham region, 51, who had just returned from Iran, and her husband, 69
    – a man, always in Ontario, in his 80s with a travel history to Egypt
  •  1st case in Ireland: a man in the eastern part of the country who “returned from northern Italy, had symptoms, identified himself, was brought to hospital and confirmed as a positive case for coronavirus.” [source]
  • 5 new cases in the Netherlands:
    – 1: a woman in Delft who was in Lombardy, Italy last week [source]
    – 2: daughter and wife of the patient hospitalized in Tilburg who recently visited Lombardy, Italy[source]
    – 2: the “partner and the youngest child of the patient who is in home isolation in Diemen” [source]
  •  1st case in Luxembourg: a man around the age of 40 who returned from Italy through Charleroi last week with his family. He is doing well. Family members (with no symptoms) have been placed in quarantine. Contact tracing (to isolate his contacts) is being performed. [source]
  • 25 new cases in Spain [source]
    Current distribution and new cases today (+):15 in the Valencia area (+7)
    10 in Madrid (+5)
    10 in Andalusia (+4)
    6 in Catalonia (+3)
    7 in the Canary Islands (+1)
    2 in Castile and León
    3 in the Basque Country (+1)
    2 in the Balearic Islands (+1)
    1 in Asturia (+ 1)
    1 in Cantabria (+1)
    1 in Navarra (+1)
    0 in Aragon (previous confirmation retracted [source)New cases include:
    – a woman in Majorca
    – a 52-year-old woman in Girona who had recently traveled to Italy
    – man in Sant Cugat del Vallès (north of Barcelona) “who was in intimate contact with one of the previously confirmed cases” as reported by health authorities.
  •  239 new cases and 8 new deaths in Italy. Among the 1,049 active cases, 401 (38%) are hospitalized, and 105 (10%) are in intensive care. Among the 79 closed cases, 50 (63%) have recovered, 29 (37%) have died. [source] [source]
  •  43 new cases in France bringing the total in the country to 100. New cases include: [source] [source]
    3 health workers at the Tenon Hospital in Paris who were contaminated by a patient who is in intensive care since Feb. 21. [source]
    All public gatherings of more than 5,000 people in a confined space are temporarily banned across France,” Health Minister Olivier Veran told journalists. The Paris half-marathon scheduled for Sunday, March 1 has been cancelled as a consequence.
  • 8 new cases in Norway, bringing the total to 15 in the country. Among the new cases, 4 are in Bergen and 3 are employees of the Ullevål University Hospital in Oslo. The authorities know the source of contagion for all 15 cases which are all linked to outbreaks abroad. [source]
  • 10 new cases in Switzerland, of which:
    4 in the circle of the two children of an Italian family in Graubünden who tested positive last week. [source]
  • 1 new case in Croatia
  • 3 new cases in the U.K: 2 had recently traveled to Italy, 1 to Asia. [source]
    1 in Gloucestershire
    – 1 in Berkshire
    – 1 in Hertfordshire
  • 1 new case in Georgia: a Georgian citizen who, having returned from Iran and showing high fever, was immediately taken to Tbilisi Infectious Hospital from the border checkpoint. [source]
  • 1 new case in Sweden, bringing the total to 12 in the country: 5 in Västra Götaland, 3 in the Stockholm region, 2 in the Jönköping Region, 2 in the Uppsala Region.
  • 1 new case in Norway: an employee at the eye department at Ullevål University Hospital in Oslo, as tests were conducted on 4 staff members with symptoms after that, on Feb. 28, Covid-19 infection was confirmed in a staff member who had traveled to Northern Italy, showed symptoms on Sunday but still went to work on Monday and Tuesday[source]
  • 1 new case in Denmark: an employee at the Aarhus University Hospital in northern Denmark. [source]
  • 5 new cases in Germany.
    – Feb. 20: Italy’s outbreak begins.
    – Feb. 26: “We are at the beginning of a coronavirus epidemic in Germany,” said German Health Minister Jens Spahn, adding that infection chains can no longer be tracked in Germany [source. The German government saw no need to advise its citizens against travel to Italy [source]
    – Feb. 28: German government announced that travelers arriving from South Korea, Japan, Italy and Iran must declare their health status upon arrival. Passengers from China were already required to do so.
  • 3 new cases in Austria, (where 1,649 tests were done, with 10, or 0.6%, testing positive) [sourceincluding a couple from the Korneuburg district in Lower Austria. The woman is now hospitalized, the man is isolated at home.
  • 5 new cases in Iraq
  • 2 new cases in the UAE
  • 3 new cases in Bahrain [source]
  • 3 new cases in Lebanon [source]
  •  1st case in Qatar [source]
  •  205 new cases and 9 deaths in Iran. 5 Iran parliament members have so far tested positive for the virus. Azerbaijan closes the border with Iran over coronavirus concerns. [source] [source]
  • 1 new case in Brazil (second in the country): as with the first case, the person was in Italy [source]
  •  1st case in Ecuador: an Ecuadorian citizen, resident of Spain, who entered Ecuador on Feb. 14 without showing any symptom. [source]
  • 2 new cases in Pakistan
  • 4 new cases and 3 new discharges in Singapore [source]
  •  813 new cases and 1 new death in South Korea[source] [source] [source]
  • 1 new case in Thailand
  • 5 new cases in Taiwan
  • 8 new cases in Japan:
    – 1: a 20-year-old nurse in Tokyo who had contact with a patient who died of coronavirus
    – 1: a nurse in her 30s in Kochi
    – 1: a men in his 60s in Niigata City
    – 1: a woman in her 60s, a woman in her 30s, and a women in her 20s who work in Sapporo
    – 3: woman in her 90s who lives in Tomakomai
    – 1: a 70-year-old male in Sendai City (Tohoku region) who, having tested negative, got off the Diamond Princess cruise ship on Feb. 20. On Feb. 28, however, he complained of low-grade fever and sore throat. On Feb. 29, he tested positive to Covid-19. He is in mild condition. [source]

February 28:

 WHO raises Global Risk from Coronavirus to the highest level of alert We have now increased our assessment of the risk of spread and the risk of impact of COVID-19 to very high at global level,” World Health Organization chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told reporters.

If we don’t take action… that may be a future that we have to experience,” he said, adding that a lot of the future of this epidemic is in the hands of ourselves.” [source]

  • 1 new case in the United States in Santa Clara County, California. It’s the second case of unknown origin[source]
  • 2 new cases in the United States from the Diamond Princess cruise ship. [source]
  • 1 new case in Mexico, (Sinaloa), a 41-year old man who had recently traveled to Italy. He is linked to the first case. [source]
  •  1st case in Mexico (Mexico City): a man who had recently traveled to Northern Italy [source]
  • 1 new case in Canada (Quebec): a woman who had returned to Montreal from a trip to Iran on a flight from Doha, Qatar. She went to a clinic on Feb. 24, with minor symptoms. She did not take public transit to get to the clinic, and she hadn’t gone back to work since returning from Iran, so she has “limited contact” with people in the community. [source] [source]


  •  U.S. CDC issues travel warning to Italy: avoid all nonessential travel to Italy. [source]
  •  1st case in the Principality of Monaco. [source]
  • 1 new case in Denmark: a person who had been on a skiing trip to Northern Italy[source]
  • 2 new cases in Norway (1 in Oslo and 1 in Bergen): both associated with the outbreak in Italy. They are isolated at home. [source]
    – 1 is an employee of the Eye Department at the Ullevål Hospital in Oslo who had traveled to Northern Italy, showed symptoms on Sunday but still went to work on Monday and Tuesday.
  • 4 new cases in the UK, including: [source]
    1st in Wales: a person who had traveled to Italy[source]
    – 2 in England: “the virus was passed on in Iran and the patients have been transferred to specialist NHS infection centres at the Royal Free Hospital.” in London [source]
  • 19 new case in France [source]
    “A new stage of the epidemic has been reached. We’re now moved to stage 2: which means the virus circulates in our territory and we have to slow down its spread.” said French Health Minister Olivier Véran. [source]
    New cases include:

    – 6 in the Oise region
    – in the village of La Balme-de-Sillingy, in Haute-Savoie: they are relatives of the first contaminated in the town: a man who had returned from a trip to Italy and whose wife, friend, and friend’s wife then contracted the virus. The infected friends had then participated to a 120-guest gathering on Feb. 15. “It is quite possible that there are many more cases in our town,” said the mayor, who admits “being worried“. [source]
    – 1, first in Nice, a woman returning from Milan, Italy[source]
  •  233 new cases and 4 new deaths in Italy: for a total of 888 cases, of which: [source] [source]
    – 821 active cases (including 64 in intensive care and 412 asymptomatic/very mild symptoms)
    – 21 deaths
    – 46 recovered
    Distribution of the 888 cases by region (14 out of 20 Italian regions affected): 531 in Lombardy, 151 in Veneto, 145 in Emilia-Romagna, 19 in Liguria, 11 in Piedmont, 8 in Tuscany, 6 nelle Marche, 4 in Sicily, 4 in Campania, 3 in Lazio, 3 in Puglia, 1 in Abruzzo, 1 in Calabria, and 1 in the Province of Bolzano (Alto Adige). [source]
  • 4 new cases in Sweden: in Stockholm, Uppsala and Jönköping. [source]
  • 2 new cases in Austria:
    – a 50-year-old woman who had returned from a risk area in northern Italy [source]
    – the adolescent son of a Viennese couple already infected who had been on a family vacation in Lombardy, Italy[source]
  •  1st case in Iceland: a man who had recently traveled to Northern Italy[source]
  • Russia (0 active cases): Moscow deports 88 foreigners for violating coronavirus quarantine [source]
  •  1 new death of a British man who was on the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan. [source]
  • 2 new cases in Romania: both had recently traveled to Italy[source]
  • 11 new cases in Germany [source]
  • 1 new case in the Netherlands “has no link to the first patient.” The patient is in home quarantine in the town of Diemen, 6 km southeast of Amsterdam’s city centre. [source] [source]
  • 7 new cases in Switzerland. [source]
    currently there is “no case where one would have lost the chain of infection in Switzerland“.
    – events with more than 1,000 people are now banned 
    in response to the coronavirus threat. “The ban comes into force with immediate effect and is valid until March 15 at least.” The Geneva Motor Show (scheduled to start on March 5) is going to be cancelled or postponed. [source]
  • 8 new cases in Spain. Total cases include: [source]
    5 cases in Madrid
    8 in the Valencia area
    6 in Andalusia
    6 in the Canary Islands
    3 in Catalonia
    2 in Castilla y León
    1 in Aragon
    1 in Balearic Islands
    Today’s new cases include: (first in Aragon): a 27-year-old woman in Zaragoza who had recently traveled to Milan, Italy[source]
  • 1 new case in Greece: a Greek woman aged 36, who had recently traveled to one of the virus-stricken regions in Italy and developed mild symptoms after her return.
  • 2 new cases in Croatia (Zagreb and Rijeka): contacts of the first and third cases in Croatia. The first case got infected after being in Milan, Italy for a match, the second is his brother, and the third is a person in Rijeka who works in Italy.
  •  1st case in Belarus: a citizens of Iran, who arrived on a flight from Baku on Feb. 22. Given the deteriorating epidemic in South Korea, Iran and Italy, the Ministry of Health had disposed since Feb. 20 that people from these countries be tested upon arrival. [source]
  •  1st case in Lithuania: a 39-year-old woman who came to Kaunas after visiting Verona, Italy[source]

Feb. 28 News ↑ ]

  • 4 new case in Israel, including: [source]
    2 men who had recently returned from Italy [source]
    1 contact of the first confirmed case (a person returning from Italy). First transmission within Israel[source]
  • 1 new case in Iraq: a 32-year-old Iraqi woman who returned from neighboring Iran[source]
  •  143 new cases and 8 deaths in Iran [source]
    – Iran’s former ambassador to the Vatican, Hadi Khosroshahi, has died of coronavirus: he was 80 years-old and had a pre exisiting condition.
  • 2 hotels in Abu Dhabi have been put in an effective lockdown by authorities after two Italians in the country for the UAE Tour cycling race tested positive for the coronavirus. [source]
  • 5 new cases in Bahrain [source] [source]
  •  1st case in Nigeria: an Italian citizen who works in Nigeria and returned from Milan, Italy to Lagos, Nigeria on Feb. 25[source[source]
  •  1st case in New Zealand:
    • A person, in their 60s, who had recently travelled to Iran
    • They arrived in NZ on Feb. 26 via Emirates flight EK450 from Iran, via Bali, and travelled home in a private car
    • The person’s family, who were wearing medical masks, went to Auckland City Hospital where the person was admitted. The person is now a stable condition
    • First two tests, taken from a throat sample, were negative . The symptoms of a lung infection were present though so a third test was done, coming back positive
    • New Zealanders who have returned from Iran in the last 14 days asked to self isolate and register with Healthline.
  • 1 new case in Australia from the Diamond Princess cuise ship.
  • 427 new cases and 47 new deaths occurred in China on Feb. 28, as reported by the National Health Commission (NHC) of China. [source]
  • 2 new cases and 3 new discharges in SingaporeAll Singapore cases are mapped here[source]
  •  1st case in Azerbaijan
  •  571 new cases in South Korea[source] [source]
  • 12 new cases and 1 death in Japan.
    – Hokkaido declares state of emergency and urges people to stay at home
    – Tokyo Disney Resort and Universal Studios Japan being closed for at least 2 weeks
  • 1 new death on the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan: a Japanese woman in her 70s. [source]
  • 2 new cases in Taiwan.
  • 1 new case in Thailand.
  • 327 new cases and 44 new deaths (of which 318 cases and 41 deaths in Hubei) occurred in China on Feb. 27, as reported by the National Health Commission (NHC) of China. [source]

February 27:



  • 3 new cases in Germany:
    – 1 person in Hamburg
    – 1 person in Hesse
    – a man in Bavaria, from Middle Franconia, who was in contact with an Italian man later diagnosed with COVID-19. [source]
  • 1 new case in Iraq, first in Baghdad, a man who had recently visited Iran. [source]
  • 1st case in San Marino, an 88-year old man who has been hospitalized in Rimini, Italy. [source]
  •  1st case in the Netherlands: a person who had recently visited Lombardy, Italy. He is hospitalized in Tilburg. [source]
  • 3 new cases in Norway[source]
    – 2 persons in Oslo who are connected to the outbreak in Italy
    – 1 person in Bærum who is linked to the outbreak in Iran
  • 12 new cases in Spain, including:
    – a person in critical condition in Madrid. [source] [source] [source]
    – a 22-year-old woman from Tenerife who went to Milan, Italy between Feb. 19 and Feb. 23. She is in mild condition
    – 1 person in Barcelona who had been to Italy
    – 9 people in Valencia who had been to Italy
  • 1 new case in the UK (the first in Northern Ireland): a person who had travelled to Northern Italy. He is hospitalized at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast. [source]
  • 3 new cases in Austria (first in Vienna): [source]
    – a 72 year old man in Vienna who is seriously ill
    – a couple (with two children showing mild symptoms awaiting test results) in Vienna who had recently been on a family vacation in Lombardy, Italy
  • 20 new cases in France, including: [source]
    – 12 diagnosed on a military base in the department of Oise, “linked together by a chain of contamination.”
  • 5 new cases in Sweden[source]
    – 1 middle-aged woman in Stockholm who had visited Iran.
    – 1 woman in Uppsala who had been to Germany where she had first developed symptoms.
    – 2 persons in their 30s in Västra Götaland who had had contacts with a previously confirmed case who had been to Italy.
    – 1 person in Västra Götaland who had recently been to Northern Italy.
  • 14 new cases in Germany (North Rhine-Westphalia): they’re in good health and have been quarantined at home. [source]
  •  180 new cases and 5 new deaths in Italy. Among the 472 active cases from an earlier report, 159 (34%) are hospitalized and 37 (8%) are in intensive care[source]
  • Italy has now relaxed its testing criteria: contacts linked to confirmed cases or recent travelers to outbreak areas will not be tested anymore, unless they show symptoms[sourceSee: comparison with other countries.
  • About 60% of new cases (31 out of 54) diagnosed in Europe outside of Italy in the last 4 days (from Feb. 24 to Feb. 27) had recently traveled to Northern Italy.
  • Israel’s Ministry of Health is mandating a 14-day quarantine for all travelers who have visited Italy in the past 14 days. The decree takes effect immediately and is retroactive and, therefore, effective as of February 13th. In order to contain the spread of COVID-19, Israel had already ordered a 14-day home quarantine for travelers coming from ChinaSouth KoreaJapanHong KongMacauSingapore and Thailand. The Health Ministry also issued a travel warning asking Israeli citizens to refrain from traveling abroad. “If you don’t genuinely have to fly — don’t do so,” the Ministry said in a statement. [source[source]
  • 2 new cases in Oman, both had traveled to Iran[source[source]
  • 6 new cases in the United Arab Emirates: the country has suspended all flights from and to Iran.
  • 1 new case in Lebanon: a man arriving from Iran on Feb. 24. [source]
  • 2 new cases in Greece (Athens and Thessaloniki): [source]
    – the child of a 38-year-old woman in Thessaloniki who had been diagnosed on Feb. 26.
    – a woman in Athens who had recently travelled to Milan.
  • 1 new case in Israel: an Israeli citizen who came back from Italy[source]
  •  106 new cases and 7 new deaths in Iran.
  • 2 new cases in the UK: “the virus was passed on in Italy and Tenerife and the patients have been transferred to specialist NHS centers in Royal Liverpool Hospital and Royal Free Hospital, London,” reports DHSC. [source]
  • 4 new case in Switzerland, including:
    – 2 Italian children who were on vacation in the canton of Graubünden. They have been hospitalized, show symptoms but are in good health.
    – A 26-year old man in Canto Aargau who had travelled on business to Verona, Italy a week ago.
    – a 28-year-old man who had returned 3 days ago from Milan, Italy. He presents mild symptoms and is currently hospitalized at Geneva University Hospital. Around 15 contacts of the man have been placed in quarantine at their homes. This is the second case in Switzerland, both with recent travel history to Milan or Lombardy, in Italy. [source] [source]
  • 1 new case in Spain (Valencia): a 44-year-old male who traveled to Milan to watch the Champions League match between Atalanta and Valencia of Feb. 19. [source]
  •  1st case in Estonia: a resident of Iran in Estonia who came from Riga (Latvia) by bus and “called an ambulance upon arriving at the bus station” said Minister of Social Affairs Tanel Kiik. The patient is being treated in the infectious clinic at West Tallinn Central Hospital.
  •  1st case in Denmark: a TV 2 employee who came home from a ski vacation with his family in Lombardy, Italy (Chiesa in Valmalenco in the province of Sondrio) 3 days ago on Feb. 24 departing from the Malpensa airport in Milan. He bagan showing symptoms of cough and fever on the morning of Feb. 26. [source]
  • The Japanese government is asking all schools in the country to close beginning March 2nd until April. In Osaka, schools have already been asked to close from Feb.29 until Mar. 13. About 13.7 million children and 38,000 schools will be affected. [source]
  • 3 new cases in Singapore, including a 12-year-old. 66 out of 96 cases have so far recovered from the infection. [source]
  •  505 new cases (of which 422, or 84%, in Daegu) and 1 death in South Korea. The number of new cases in South Korea has topped China for the first time (China has reported 433 new cases for Feb. 26 [source]). This number is expected to further increase in the coming days as health authorities have started testing more than 210,000 members of the Shincheonji religious group in Daegu, attended by the 31st case (a possible “super spreader”) and which accounts for more than half of the country’s 1,766 total cases to date. [source] [source]
  • 433 new cases and 29 new deaths (of which 26 in Hubei) occurred in China on Feb. 26, as reported by the National Health Commission (NHC) of China. [source]

February 26:

  • 5 new cases in Germany: including a 25-year-old man near Stuttgart who is reported to have contracted the disease during a trip to Milan.. source]
  • 1st case in Romania: a person who had returned from Italy 3 weeks ago. [source]
  • 1 new case in Spain (Canary Islands): a woman who works in Italy[source]
  • 1st case in Norway: the person had returned from China last week. Now isolated at home. [source]
  •  147 new cases and 1 new death in Italy: a 69-year-old man from the Lodi area who was hospitalized in Emilia Romagna and had existing respiratory problems. The virus has now spread in more than half of the Italian’s regions:- Lombardy305 cases and 9 deaths [source]
    – Veneto87 cases and 2 deaths [source]
    – Emilia Romagna47 cases and 1 death [source]
    – Liguria16 cases [source]
    – Marchecases (all in the Pesaro area [source])
    – Laziocases
    – Sicily3 cases [source]
    – Tuscany2 cases: including a Norwegian student (first case of a student) at the University of Florence who had returned from Norway (via Munich) 5 days ago. [source]
    – Piedmont1 case (2 retracted as false positives)
    – Campania1 case [source]
    – Puglia1 case (a 33-year-old Taranto resident who had visited Codogno in Lombardy) [source]
    – Alto Adige1 case.A total of at least 35 cases are currently in intensive care.
    – Lombardy governon cancels scheduled press conference and announces in a video that he is going to self quarantine after his close assistant tested positive[source]
    – Schools most probably will be closed for at least another week.
    – British Airways cancels 22 flights from Milan due to cancellations. Milan (population of about 1.5 million people) has 2 confirmed cases. For comparison, among travelers returning from Milan, there are at least 5 confirmed cases: in Croatia, Germany, France, Spain, and Finland.
    – Tourism: 90% cancellation rate in Rome.
    – Israel to impose quarantine for travelers from Italy.
    – The United States issues a Level 2 (“Excercise Increased Caution“) travel advisory to Italy. [source]
  • 3 new cases in the United States: 2 from the Diamond Princess cruise ship and 1 who had been repatriated from Hubei on Feb. 7 and was put on quarantine upon entering the United States at JBSA-Lackland base in Texas. [source]
    President Trump news conference on Covid-19 (scheduled for 6:00 PM ET). [sourceThe U.S. CDC yesterday suggested that the risk of a coronavirus pandemic is likely and is alerting the public to begin preparing for community spread in the United States. Dr. Anne Schuchat, the CDC’s principal deputy director declared: “It’s not a question of if. It’s a question of when and how many people will be infected.” [sourceSee also CDC on Feb. 21: “Tremendous Public Health Threat. Likely that Community Spread may eventually happen in the United States.” The city of San Francisco declared a state of emergency on Tuesday even if at the moment there are no confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the area. [source]
  • 1 new case in France: the wife of a confirmed case hospitalised in Annecy. [source]
  • 1st case in Georgia: a 50-year-old man, Georgian citizen, who returned home from Iran via Azerbaijan[source]
  • 1 new case in Sweden: a person in Gothenburg who developed fever and respiratory symptoms 3 days after returning home from northern Italy[source]
  • 1 new case in Lebanon, a 45-year-old woman linked to the first case, who returned to Lebanon after a seven-day religious visit to Iran[source]
  • 1st case in North Macedonia: a woman who had recently returned from Italy[source]
  • 2 new cases in Pakistan (1st cases in the country). “No need to panic, things are under control” says Pakistani Minister of Health, Zafar Mirza. [source]
  • 1 new case in Finland: a woman of working age who had travelled to Milan[source]
  • 1 new case in Lebanon: a woman who had returned last week from Iran on the same flight as the first case. [source]
  • 1 new case in Germany (in North-Rhine Westphalia): a 47 year-old with pre-existing conditions. He had been in contact with an acquaintance who had recently returned from China. He is in critical condition[source]
  • 3 new cases in Spain, two of which had recently returned from Italy[source]
    – a 62 year old man in Sevilla (Andalusia).
    – a 36 year old Italian woman resident in Barcelona (Catalunya) who had travelled to Northern Italy.
    – a 24 year old man in Madrid who travelled to Italy.
  • 3 new cases and 4 new discharged patients in Singapore[source]
  • 1 new case in Canada (Ontario).
  • 1st case in Greece: a 38-year-old woman from Thessaloniki who recently returned from a trip to northern Italy. She is now suffering from viral pneumonia but is in good condition. The patient has no existing health problem. [source]
  • 14 new cases on the Diamond Princess cruise ship: 9 crew members and 5 passengers. [source]
  • UK: About 30 schools have shut for a fortnight after pupils return from half term ski trips to Italy. [source]
  • 3 new cases and 1 new death in France: a 60 year old teacher from the Oise region. [source]
  • 4 new cases in Hong Kong: 2 of which from the Diamond Princess cruise ship: [source]
    – a 21-year-old woman who had a fever on board the ship on Feb. 12 and was fine afterwards.
    – a 16-year-old man (youngest confirmed patient to date in Hong Kong) who had runny nose on the ship on Feb. 17 and is currently hospitalized at Queen Mary Hospital.
  • 1 new case in Australia is a former passenger of the Diamond Princess cruise ship. 8 of the 23 cases in Australia had been on the ship. [source]
  • 44 new cases and 3 new deaths in Iran. [source] [source]
    – Epicenter of the outbreak is the central city of Qom.
    – Schools and cultural institutions closed for a week in over 10 provinces as of Tuesday Feb. 25 in order to “prepare schools” which have to be disinfected and sanitized.
    – More than 1750 tests performed.
    – Iran’s Deputy Health Minister falls ill with coronavirus (video).
    – Iranian Government Spokesman Ali Rabiyee cautioned yesterday that “those regional states which have kept the number of their coronavirus-infected patients confidential will be bombarded by media reports about their conditions in the next few days.”
  • 284 new cases and 1 new death in South Korea: Death of a 73-year-old male [source] [source[source]
  • 14 new cases in Kuwait: a woman coming from Iran, an additional 6 citizens who had traveled to Iran, and other 7 cases when the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health announced that the total had increased to 25 cases. [source] [source] [source]
  • 1 new case in Croatia: the brother of the first case, infected after visiting Milan in Italy. [source]
  • 3 new cases in Bahrain: Bahraini women who had returned through indirect flights from Iran. Testing was conducted immediately upon their arrival at the Bahrain International Airport in the hall designated for testing[source]
  • 1 new case in Taiwan: a 27-year-old female foreigner with only a slight throat discomfort. She is linked to the clustering incident in a hospital for which 53 people among patients and caregivers have been tested, resulting in 5 confirmed cases, 141 negatives, and 7 awaiting results. [source]
  • 11 new cases and 1 new death in Japan: an elderly person in Hakodate, Hokkaido. [source]
  • 3 new cases in Thailand. Health Minister Anutin urges citizens to avoid traveling abroad if possible. “For the airlines, please reduce promotions,” he said. “Even though tickets are cheap, it could be your last holiday.” Health officials have been prohibited to visit at risk countries, which are: China, Macau, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Italy, Iran, and Japan. We are entering a full war with Covid-19” Anutin said. [source] [source]

 We’re in a phase of preparedness for a potential pandemic (WHO)

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February 25:

  • 406 new cases (of which 401 in Hubei) and 52 new deaths (all in Hubei) occurred in China on Feb. 25, as reported by the National Health Commission (NHC) of China and Hubei. [source] [source]
The news feed below will be updated soon with all Feb. 25 developments.
  • 1st case in Brazil.
  • 1 new death in South Korea: a female patient who died of acute respiratory failure after being admitted to the hospital for pneumonia only two days earlier, on Feb. 23. [source]
  • 1 new death on the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan: a person in their 80s. [source]
  • 2 new cases in Italy: 1 in Alto Adige and 1 in Lombardy. [source]
  • 60 new cases in South Korea (including 49 in Daegu, 5 in Gyeonggi Province, 3 in Busan, and 2 in Seoul).
    – Sharp decline in new cases compared to previous morning’s report (of 161 new cases)
    – The two clusters at the Sincheon Daegu Church (in Daegu) and at the Cheongdo Daenam Hospital (in Daegu’s neighboring county of Cheongdo), account for over 50% of total cases within South Korea. [source] [source]

February 24:

    • 508 new cases (499 in Hubei) and 71 new deaths (68 in Hubei) occurred in China on Feb. 24, reported the National Health Commission (NHC) of China. Cumulative total: 77,658 cases. [source] [source]
    • 1 new case in Spain (Tenerife): an Italian from Lombardy, on vacation there. [source]
    • 1 new case in Bahrain[source]
    • 2 new cases in Kuwait[sourceAll festivals marking the National Days have been cancelled sine die. “This is an exceptional situation, which needs exceptional and restrictive procedures.” [source]
    • 18 new cases in the United States from the Diamond Princess cruise ship. [source]
    • 1 new case in Canada (B.C.): a man in his 40s in the Fraser Health region who had close contact with the sixth case in B.C. [source]


  • 4 new deaths in Italy (an initially confirmed death of a woman from Crema has been later retracted and not attributed to coronavirus:
    – a 62-year old man from Como with pre-existing conditions.
    – a 80-year-old man in Milan (Sacco hospital).
    – a 84-year-old man in Bergamo (Lombardy) with pre-existing medical conditions. [source]
    – a 88-year-old man in Caselle Landi (Lombardy).
  • Total case progression in Italy:
  • Feb. 24: 229 cases (day still in progress)
  • Feb. 23: 157 cases
  • Feb. 22:   79 cases
  • Feb. 21:   21 cases
  • Feb. 20:   4 cases
  • A client of a bar in Vo’ Euganeo (Veneto epicenter) had been to Codogno (Lombardy epicenter). He is now being tested. [source]
  • Joint WHO and ECDC mission to arrive in Italy tomorrow.
  • In Milan: some people fled, some stocked up on essentials, others simply called for calm.- 172 cases in Lombardy including 4 deaths. Total includes 3 tourists from Lombardy whose cases was confirmed in Trentino Alto Adige but have now returned to Lombardy. [source]). “In the coming days the number of new cases should decrease, according to experts” said Lombardy governor Fontana. [audio source from 2′].–   33 in Veneto (including 1 death): 25 in Vo’ Euganeo, 4 in Mirano, and 4 in Venice. [source]–   18 in Emilia Romagna: 9 new cases today include: 1 in the Modena area (who had traveled several times to the Lodi area in Lombardy), 2 in Parma, and 5 in Piacenza (of which 4 from the Lodi area).

    –   3 in Piedmont[source]–   3 in Rome (including 1 person who had been repatriated).
  • First 2 cases in Oman: two woman who had visited Iran. They are in stable condition. [source]
  • 5 new cases in Hong Kong[source]
    – 2 from the Diamond Princess cruise ship.
    – 2 woman in their 50s and 60s from Buddhist hall.
    – a 35-year-old businessman who returned from mainland China on Feb. 7.
  • 1 new case in Singapore is linked to the cluster at The Life Church and Missions Singapore. 2 new discharges. [source]
  • 1st case in Iraq: an Iranian student who entered Iraq before the border with Iran was closed. [source]
  • 2 new cases in Taiwan. [source 5 recovered to date. [source]
  • 70 new cases and 1 new death in South Korea[source] [source]
  • 4 new deaths and 18 new cases (3 retracted) in Iran. Claim of 50 deaths rejected by Health Ministry [source]– Iranian officials said that people who illegally entered Iran from Pakistan, Afghanistan and China were the source of the outbreak.- CanadaLebanon, and today also Kuwait, Oman, and Iraq, have all confirmed cases of travelers from Iran.- Daily sanitization of Tehran’s metro and public transportation implemented.- Schools closed in at least 10 provinces. University classes suspended.

    – Attendance at soccer matchesmovie theaters, and other public venues suspended.

  • 1st case in Afghanistan: state of emergency announced in the Western province of Herat, which borders Iran. [source]
  • 3 new cases in Kuwait (1st cases), all returning from the Iranian city of Mashhad.[source]
    – 53-year-old Kuwaiti citizen (asymptomatic).
    – 61-year-old Saudi Arabian citizen (asymptomatic).
    – 21-year-old of undisclosed nationality (with symptoms).
  • 1st case in Bahrain: a Bahraini citizen arriving from Iran. [source]
  • 409 new cases (of which 398 in Hubei) and 150 new deaths (of which 149 in Hubei) occurred in China (of which 366 new cases and 106 new deaths in Hubei province) on February 23, as reported by the National Health Commission (NHC) of China. [source]
  •  161 new cases and 1 death in South Korea [source] [source]

February 23:

Opinion: Tipping point seems a lot closer after the past 24 hours


    • Mayor of one of the towns in lockdown says they’ve run out of coronavirus testing kits[source]
    • ECDC: “As the situation is rapidly evolving, more cases are expected in Italy […] Extraordinary measures in northern Italy are essential to limit the outbreak and may need to be replicated in other communities in the coming days.” [source]
    • 78 new cases in Italy and 1 new death in Italy (a woman being treated for cancer in Crema), including 4 new cases near Bergamo, 2 new cases in Venice (historical center), a 17-year-old male in Valtellina, and a couple in Turin who visited their child at the Regina Margherita Hospital yesterday.
    • Current total cases in Italy:- 114 cases in Lombardy (including 2 deaths):. The total includes: at least 76 in Codogno, 3 in Castiglione D’adda, 2 in Pieve Porto Morone, 1 in Casalpusterlengo, 1 in Pizzighettone, 1 in Sesto Cremonese, 1 in Santa Cristina e Bissone, 1 in Mediglia, 1 in Sesto San Giovanni, and 1 in Monza. Latest cases near Bergamo: 2 in Alzano Lombardo, 1 in Seriate, and 1 in Bergamo.- 25 in Veneto (including 1 death): 19 in Vo’ Euganeo, 3 in Dolo, 1 in Mira, and 2 in Venice..-   9 in Emilia Romagna (all in Piacenza).
      –   3 in Trentino Alto Adige (tourists from Lombardy)
      –   3 in Piedmont (3 previously confirmed cases were later retracted).
      –   3 in Rome (including 1 person who had been repatriated).
    • At least 26 patients (of which 17 in Lombardy) are in critical condition in intensive care.
    • 11 towns, 50,000 people, placed in lockdown.
    • Armed forces and police forces have been mobilized to form an insurmountable “health belt” around contagion areas. Roadblock violators risk up to a 3 months prison sentence.- Schools closed in Lombardy, Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Emilia Romagna, Liguria, and in Trentino Alto Adige regions. Universities closed in Piedmont.- Carnival in Venice and all sport and public events in Veneto cancelled.- All public and private events, including sportcultural, and religious events in Lombardy cancelled. Movie theaters closed.- More than 40 football matches, including at least 4 Serie A games, postponed.
      – Teatro alla Scala in Milan suspends all performances.
      – Duomo in Milan and Teatro la Fenice in Venice closed.

      – “I think these three cases that have no contact with a primary carrier show how this virus is now ubiquitous so, as with flu symptoms, you get it and don’t know who you got it from” said Veneto governon Luca Zaia who, in a separate comment, said “we are worried, drastic measures are needed.”

      – “Serious mistake was made not to quarantine people who arrived in Italy from China” said Walter Ricciardi of the WHO, adding that “within two weeks we will know if we are facing an epidemic” and advising that, for the next two weeks, people “should avoid crowded places: metro, buses, trains, schools, discos, and gyms.”

 SOUTH KOREA OUTBREAK (Feb. 23 Updates):

  • 166 new cases and 4 new deaths in South Korea.
  • President Moon Jae-in raised the alert level to maximum (Level 4: Serious) thus empowering the government to lock down cities and restrict travel. “The coming few days will be a critical time for us” he said in an emergency meeting.
  • Last few days progression of total cases in South Korea:
    • Feb. 23: 602 cases
    • Feb. 22: 436 cases
    • Feb. 21: 209 cases
    • Feb. 20: 111 cases
    • Feb. 19:  58 cases
    • Feb. 18:   31 cases
  • 1 new case in Canada (Toronto) is a woman who arrived from China on Feb. 21. [source]
  • 1 new case in Israel is a former passenger of the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan.
  • 4 new case in the UK are former passengers of the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan.
  • 1 new death in Hubei province, China, of Huang Wenjun, a 42-year-old doctor.
  • 57 new cases (55 crew members and 2 passengers, of which 52 asymptomatic) and 1 new death (a man in his 80s) from the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan. [source]
  • 2 new deaths and 14 new cases in Iran[source]
  • 2 new cases in Taiwan: father an son, in their late 80s and 50s. [source]– The older man, a kidney dialysis patient with chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes, had symptoms such as cough and runny nose on Feb. 6, developed fever and was diagnosed with pneumonia on Feb. 9, and had shortness of breath on Feb. 16, when he was transferred to the intensive care unit.- The son, whose brother had returned from China on Feb. 2, started showing symptoms two days prior, on Jan 31. He had a fever, runny nose and sore throat on Jan. 31, went to the clinic on Feb. 4 and, due to continuous fever, went to the emergency room on Feb. 8, where he was diagnosed with pneumonia. He returned home for independent health management, but went back to the hospital twice – on Feb. 11 and Feb. 18 – before being isolated on Feb. 21.
  • 12 new cases in Japan, including:- a man in his 40s living in Chiba Prefecture who, after the onset of joint and muscle pain on Feb. 12, has been on a business trip to Hiroshima and Gifu prefectures.- a woman in her 50s who works as a part-time school lunch attendant in Hokkaido. She had sore throat on February 15. She wore a mask, a white coat, and gloves, and carried lunches to 194 school children from the serving room to each classroom using a wagon.
  • 1 new case in Australia from the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan.
  • 18 new cases and 1 new death occurred outside of Hubei province in China on February 22, as reported by the National Health Commission (NHC) of China,
  • 630 new cases and 96 new deaths were reported by Hubei province in China for Feb. 22.

February 22:


  • With 79 total cases and 2 deaths as of the end of February 22:
    Italy becomes the country with the highest number of cases and deaths in Europe, accounting for over 60% of all European cases, and representing the country with most cases among all western (non Asian) nations.
  • As of the end of February 22, there were a total of:
    – 54 cases in Lombardy region (including 1 death, with 18 in critical condition).
    – 18 in Veneto region (including 1 death).
    –   3 in Emilia Romagna region (all of which hospitalized from the Lombardy hotspot).
    –   3 in Rome (including 2 recoveries).
    –   1 in Turin, Piedmont.
  • 18 cases are in critical condition in the intensive care unit.
  • EMERGENCY MEASURES: 11 towns and areas affected by the outbreak have been placed in lockdown: “In areas considered hotspots, neither entry or exit will be authorised without special permission” said Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, adding that businesses and schools in the areas would be closed.
  • “From the tests carried out, it emerged that the alleged zero patient did not develop antibodies. Therefore, he never had Coronavirus. The whole picture changes now” said Deputy Minister of Health, Pierpaolo Sileri.
  • 2 new cases in Milan:
    a person from Mediglia (south of Milan) who was hospitalized in Melegnano and now has been transferred to the Sacco hospital.
    a 78-year-old patient at the San Raffaele Hospital since a week ago.
  • 1 new case in Turin – had participated in a running race in Portofino and Santa Margherita Ligure (Liguria region) with patient #1 of Codogno on February 2.
  • Hundreds waiting for test results. At least 10 towns, 50,000 people, initially placed in precautionary voluntary quarantine, later in lockdown (first in Europe)Schools (full list), workplaces, municipal and private offices, 3 train stations, coffee shops, and public places closed in the affected towns. Soccer games postponed. All universities in Lombardy and Veneto regions, all schools in Trentino region will be closed starting Monday. Friuli Venezia Giulia region declared a state of emergency.
  • 40+ new cases today in Italy, including:
    – 2 doctors, husband and wife (a pediatrician), in Pieve Porto Morone (Pavia, Lombardy).
    – 5 new cases in Vò Euganeo (Padua, Veneto region), where 4,200 people are now going to be tested.
    – 1 in Cremona (Lombardy region), a 38 year-old woman, friend of a health worker in Lodi.
    – 1 in Sesto Cremonese (Lombardy region).
    – 2 in Dolo and Mira (Veneto region).
  •  1 new death in Italy, a 77-year-old woman with pre-existing conditions who was hospitalized a few days ago for pneumonia in the Lodi area (Lombardy region) and had contacts with the 38-year-old man.
  • The 38-year-old man in Codogno (Lodi), near Milan (patient #1) is in critical condition (mechanically ventilated in intensive care, according to his parents) and at least 14 contacts are in serious condition, according to doctors, and include:
    – 5 health workers and doctors.
    – 3 patients at the Codogno hospital.
    – 3 elderly (in the 70s and 80s) clients of a bar run by the father of the man’s friend.
  • People must be distantiated right now, because this is a virus that is transmitted very effectively at close range” said the director of the infectious diseases department of the Higher Institute of Health, Gianni Rezza.
  • 3 new cases in South Korea.
  • First possible case in Iraq was later retracted.
  • 1 new case in Hong Kong.
  • 3 new case in Singapore: 1 from the Grace Assembly of God church, 1 repatriated from Wuhan, and 1 with contact tracing underway to establish links or travel history to China. 2 new discharges, for a cumulative total of 49 fully recovered cases.
  • 2 new cases in the United Arab Emirates: a 70-year-old Iranian national and his wife.
  • 18 new cases in Japan.
  •  2 new deaths and 11 new cases in Iran.
  • 87 new cases in South Korea bringing the total to 433. Last few days progression of total cases in South Korea:
    • Feb. 22: 433 cases
    • Feb. 21: 209 cases
    • Feb. 20: 111 cases
    • Feb. 19:  58 cases
    • Feb. 18:   31 cases[country-level pages with statistics and graphs coming soon]
  • 2 new cases in Australia (Victoria residents) from the Diamond Princess cruise ship, bringing the country’s total to 21 (of which 6 repatriated from the cruise ship in Japan)
  • 1 new case in Japan.
  •  142 new cases in South Korea, of which 92 linked to the Cheongdo Daenam Hospital, 38 to the Sincheon Daegu Church, and 12 unknown pending investigation.

February 21:

  • 397 new cases and 109 new deaths occurred in China (of which 366 new cases and 106 new deaths in Hubei province) on February 21, as reported by the National Health Commission (NHC) of China, which has also reported revisions to Feb. 19 and Feb. 20 numbers, both national and for Hubei. We will adjust our statistics accordingly.
  •  1st death in Italy: a 77 year old man in Vò Euganeo (Padua). The man had been in the hospital for the past ten days due to other health problems. Schools and shops in the town to be closed in an attempt to prevent the virus from spreading, said Veneto governor Zaia.
  • 3 new cases in South Korea.
  • 1 new case in the United States in Sacramento County, California. The individual had returned from China on Feb. 2 and has so far shown no symptoms.
  •  12 new cases in Italy. New cases include:
    • 5 health workers and 3 patients in the Codogno Hospital.
    • the son of a bar owner who practiced sport with the man.
    • 3 clients of the bar.
    • a couple, aged 78 and 67 years old, in critical condition in the Veneto region (the man has later died).
  • 7 new cases in the United States from the Diamond Princess cruise ship, in addition to the 11 previously confirmed, for a total of 18 from the ship.
  • 2 new cases in the United Arab Emirates: contacts of a previous case.
  • 2 new cases in Australia: two Queenslanders women, aged 54 and 55, who had been evacuated from the Diamond Princess cruise ship.
  • 1 new case in Singapore.
  • 1st case in Lebanon confirmed by the Minister of Health.
  • Hubei province in China has corrected its Feb. 20 previously reported numbers to include 220 additional new cases reported “on a hand-written card” by the prison department during the night. The total is being revised from 62,442 to 62,662 cases.
  • 3 new cases in Italy, contacts of the cases reported earlier today near Milan, in Lombardy region. “All citizens of Castiglione d’Adda, Codogno and Casalpusterlengo are invited, as a precaution, to stay home and avoid social contacts” a regional government official said in a note.
  • 12 new cases in Japan, of which 3 in Tokyo.
  •  1 new death in South Korea: a 54 year-old woman.
  • 1st case in Israel: a passenger of the Diamond Princess cruise ship who was found to have the virus only after returning to Israel.
  •  2 new deaths and 13 new cases in Iran: 7 in Qom, 4 in Tehran, and 2 in Rasht.
  •  2 new cases in Italy: the wife (eight-month pregnant) and friend of the previously confirmed case of a 38-year-old man near Milan, who is now in critical condition in intensive care. In early February, the man had dinner with a friend who had recently returned from China. He went to the emergency room on Feb.15 and again on Feb. 19. The friend is now undergoing tests. About 160 contacts of the man have been put under quarantine. Emergency procedures are being set in place in the firm where the man works.
  • 11 new cases in the United States are former passengers of the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan who were evacuated on Feb. 17. The CDC has verified the test results performed by the Nebraska Public Health lab.
  • 1 death in China, yesterday, of a 29-year-old doctor in Wuahn, Peng Yinhua, who worked in respiratory and critical care at the First People’s Hospital in Jiangxia district, Wuahn. He was hospitalized on Jan. 25 and his condition dramatically worsened by Jan. 30.
  • 48 new cases in South Korea, bringing the total to 204. “Currently, the COVID-19 situation at home is that the scope of mass outbreak via a single exposure is relatively big,” KCDC Director Jung Eun-kyeong said in a statement.
  • 2 new cases in Taiwan: the 40-year-old daughter and the 20-year-old granddaughter of a previously confirmed case.
  • 3 new cases in Japan, including a woman in her 40s who had a low-grade fever on Feb. 16, a 38° fever on Feb. 17, and is now being treated at home.
  • 1 new case in Canada (British Columbia): a woman in her 30s recently returned from travel to Iran.
  • 45 new cases in South Korea.
  • 1 new case in the United States (Humboldt County, in Northern California)A close contact who has symptoms is being tested as well. They are both “doing well” and self-isolating at home.

February 20:

  • 2 new cases in Australia, passengers of the Diamond Princess cruise ship.
  • 1 new case in Italy: a 38 year-old man, currently being treated in intensive care.
  • 5 new cases in South Korea, including a 22 year-old Navy sailor on the southern island of Jeju who had recently visited his hometown, Daegu.
  • 411 new cases and 115 new deaths were confirmed by Hubei province for February 20.
  • 1 new case in Singapore. 3 more discharged. [Pdf from Ministry of Health]
  • 13 new cases on the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan.
  • 10 new cases in Japan, including:
    • a woman in her 60s, wife of previous case in Kyushu. She had chills on the Feb. 17 and fever the next day.
    • a man in his 80s who got infected at the “Sagamihara Central Hospital.”
    • a man in his 80s in Okinawam but with no contact with the passengers of the cruise ship.
    • a woman in her 70s who had a 38° fever for a few minutes on Feb. 14, then went on a bus tour until Feb. 16, visited a medical institution on Feb. 18, and showed symptoms of pneumonia on Feb. 19.
    • a man in his 40s who reported chillssweating and malaise on Feb. 15, and had symptoms such as fevermuscle pain and cough on Feb. 18. The man has no recent travel history abroad and attended the Sapporo Snow Festival where a previously infected case was present
    • 2 government employees who had done office work on the Diamond Princess cruise ship.
  • 3 new cases in Iran: two in Qom and one in Arak. All three patients are Iranian nationals. (The Islamic Republic News Agency).
  •  1 death in South Korea.
  • The mayor of Daegu (South Korea), Kwon Young-jin, urged its 2.5 million residents to refrain from going outside and to wear masks even indoors if possible. He called for urgent help from the central government in Seoul. Meanwhile, Vice Health and Welfare Minister Kim Kang-lip cautioned that: “at this stage, (the government) judged that COVID-19 is spreading locally with a limited scope.” Virus alert was not raised, with its level kept at “orange” (third highest).
  • The Shincheonji religious group in Daegu, attended by the 31st case (a possible “super spreader”), has been shut down after about 10 members tested positive for the virus. About 1,000 members attended worship at the church.
  • 22 new cases in South Korea (in the city of Daegu): all associated with the the first confirmed patient in the region.
  •  2 deaths among the passengers of the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan: a man and a woman in their 80s. The man had pre-existing conditions which included bronchial asthma.
  • 1 new case in Taiwan, bringing the total to 24. The source of infection for this latest case has not been traced. Possible community-based transmission is being investigated. Patient is a 60-year-old woman with no travel history abroad in the last two years. She had a fever and cough on Jan. 22, went to the clinic four times and was diagnosed with common cold and other diseases. Symptoms worsened with shortness of breath. Diagnosed with pneumonia on Jan. 29, hospitalized on Jan. 30, transferred to the intensive care unit on Feb. 10.
  • 60 new cases and 6 new deaths occurred outside of Hubei province in China on February 19, as reported by the National Health Commission (NHC) of China.
  • 24 new cases in South Korea (31 cases, of which 24 announced after midnight GMT and 7 cases reported previously). Cases have more than doubled (+165% increase) in the last 24 hours, rising from 31 to 82 (+ 51).

February 19:

Highest number of new daily cases outside of mainland China to date (see previous days)
  • 5 new cases in South Korea. With 27 new cases today, total cases in South Korea have increased by 87% in a single day.
  • 349 new cases and 108 new deaths were confirmed by Hubei province for February 19. The report actually confirmed 628 new cases (615 in Wuhan, 5 in Xiantao, 3 in Shiyan, 3 in Suizhou, and 2 in Xiangyang) but at the same time it subtracted 279 cases from the current total due to data corrections applied to previously reported numbers in ten separate locations, specifying how many cases were subtracted in each.
  • 2 new cases in South Korea.
  •  2 deaths in Iran only hours after announcing the first two cases in the country (The Islamic Republic News Agency).
  • 1 new case in Taiwan.
  • 3 new cases in Singapore, and 5 new discharges.
  • 3 new case in Hong Kong:
    • the mother in law of a previously reported case.
    • a 68-year-old man and a 70-year-old woman couple with underlying illnesses.
  • 2 new cases in Iran “two cases of the new coronavirus in the city of Qom,” confirmed the Government of Iran spokeman Ali Rabiei.
  • 79 new cases on the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan. So far, a total of 621 infected people were found among 3,011 passengers and crew members tested (21% infection rate) out of 3,711 total people on the ship.
  • 1 new case in Taiwan: the 60-year-old younger sister of the taxi driver who was the first person to die from the virus in Taiwan.
  • 5 new cases in South Korea.
  • 10 new cases in Japan, including :
    • a man in his 50s, who was among the 65 people who were brought back from Wuhan on the fifth charter flight.
    • a man in his 60s: a taxi driver who had contacts with people from the Diamond Princess cruise ship. He has had fever since last week, and on Feb. 18 developed severe pneumonia with difficulty breathing. He is currently being treated in an intensive care unit.
    • a man in his 60s with initial symptoms of low-grade fever and sore throat. No travel history abroad for at least two weeks prior to onset.
    • a man in his 40s with malaise and muscle pain on Feb. 8 and later diagnosed with pneumonia.
    • a man in his 70s with fever on Feb. 17, then diagnosed with pneumonia before testing positive for COVID-19.
  •  1 new death in Hong Konga 70-year-old man with underlying health issues (diabetes, hypertension, and kidney problems). He had taken a day trip to mainland China on January 22, then fallen ill on February 2, with his conditions becoming critical on February 14, when his case was confirmed.
  • 15 new cases in South Korea.
  • 56 new cases and 4 new deaths occurred outside of Hubei province in China on February 18, as reported by the National Health Commission (NHC) of China.

February 18:

  • Report from Hubei province for February 18:
    • 1,693 new cases
    • 132 new deaths
    • 61,682 cumulative total cases
    • 9,128 cumulative total hospital discharges
    • 43,471 currently hospitalized, of which:
      – 32,225 (74.1%) in mild condition
      – 9,289 (21.4%) serious
      – 1,957 (4.5%) critical
    • 1,266 new hospital discharges
    • 206,807 close contacts have been tracked
  • 1 new death in Wuhan is that of Dr. Liu Zhiming, Director of the Wuchang Hospital. “Unfortunately he became infected and passed away at 10:54 Tuesday morning at the age of 51 after all-out efforts to save him failed” reported the Wuhan Municipal Health Commission. A medical colleague said that the chief doctor was in good health and did not expect to die from COVID-19. A few days earlier, on February 14, a 59-year-old nurse from the same hospital had died from the disease. A total of at least 7 health workers have died so far among the 1,716 doctors and nurses who got infected with COVID-19.
  • 8 new cases in Japan:
    – 3 in Tokyo
    – 3 in Wakayama Prefecture
    – 1 in Aichi Prefecture
    – 1 in Kanagawa Prefecture
  • 4 new cases in Singapore:
    – a 57 year-old female and a 50 year-old male, both Singapore citizens, linked to the Grace Assembly of God church.
    – a 35 year-old female Malaysian national related to a previously confirmed case.
    – a 38 year-old female Singapore citizen working at the National University Hospital (NUH) in an administrative function.
  • 88 new cases on the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan were confirmed as a result of 681 people being tested (13% infection rate). Of these, 65 people (74%) have no symptoms. So far, a total of 542 infected people were found among 2,404 passengers and crew members tested (23% infection rate) out of 3,711 total people on the ship.
  • 2 new case in Hong Kong:
    – a 32-year-old Filipino woman who is the domestic helper of a previously confirmed case.
    – a 58-year-old man with good past health who developed fever and chills since February 11, and cough since February 15.
  • 1 new case in South Korea.

February 17:

  • 79 new cases and 5 new deaths occurred outside of Hubei province in China on February 17, as reported by the National Health Commission (NHC) of China.
  • Report from Hubei province for February 17:
    • 1,807 new cases
    • 93 new deaths
    • 59,989 cumulative total cases
    • 7,862 cumulative total hospital discharges
    • 41,957 currently hospitalized, of which:
      – 30,987 (73.9%) in mild condition
      – 9,117 (21.7%) serious
      – 1,853 (4.4%) critical
    • 1,223 new hospital discharges
  • 2 new cases in Taiwan:
    woman in her 80s.
    – man in his 30s who had fever and coughing symptoms from Jan. 28 to Feb. 6.
  • 1 new case in Japan: a man in his 60s in the Owari district of Aichi Prefecture who is an acquaintance of a case confirmed on Feb. 16.
  • 2 new cases in Hong Kong.
  • 2 new cases in Singapore. 5 new discharges. New cases:
    – a 1 year-old male Singaporean, part of the group evacuated from Wuhan on Feb. 9.
    – a 35 year-old male Singaporean with no recent travel history to China but a contact of a previously confirmed case.
  • 1 new case in Hong Kong.
  • 85 new cases onboard the cruise ship in Japan12% of passengers and crew (1 out of 8) have so far tested positive for the virus (454 cases out of 3,711).
  • 4 new cases in Japan (Wakayama Prefecture).
  • 14 new cases from the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan: a group of US citizens whose results for COVID-19 tests (done 2-3 days earlier) arrived while en-route from the cruise ship to the airport for a flight back to the United States.
  • 1 new case in Thailand: a 60-year old Chinese woman whose family members earlier contracted the virus.
  • 2 new cases in Japan:
    – a hospital staff who was nursing a patient.
    – a 50-year-old male government employee who was engaged in quarantine-related operations on the cruise ship Diamond Princess.
  • 1 new case in South Korea: the 68-year-old wife of a previously confirmed case.
  • 115 new cases and 5 new deaths occurred outside of Hubei province in China on February 16, as reported by the National Health Commission (NHC) of China.

February 16:

  • Report from Hubei province for February 16:
    • 1,933 new cases
    • 100 new deaths
    • 58,182 cumulative total cases
    • 6,639 cumulative total hospital discharges
    • 40,814 currently hospitalized, of which:
      – 31,007 (76.0%) in mild condition
      – 8,024 (19.7%) serious
      – 1,773 (4.3%) critical
    • 1,016 new hospital discharges
    • 191,434 close contacts have been tracked
  • 1 new case in the United Arab Emirates.
  • 3 new cases in Singapore: a family member of a previously confirmed case and 2 persons linked to the Grace Assembly of God church, including a Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) serviceman.
  •  1 new death in Taiwan: a 61-year-old man with no travel history abroad but – as a taxi driver – serving clients from Hong Kong, Macau and mainland China, who had underlying conditions (diabetes and hepatitis B).
  • 2 new cases in Taiwan.
  • 6 new cases in Japan.
  • 1 new case in Hong Kong: 54-year-old man with no travel history and no known contacts with confirmed cases.
  • 70 new cases onboard the cruise ship in Japan. Nearly 1 out of 10 passengers and crew (9.6%) have tested positive for the virus so far (355 cases out of 3,711 passengers and crew).
  • 1 new case in South Korea: a 82-year-old South Korean man in Seoul, with no travel history to China.
  • 166 new cases and 3 new deaths occurred outside of Hubei province in China on February 15, as reported by the National Health Commission (NHC) of China.

February 15:

  • Report from Hubei province for February 15:
    • 1,843 new cases (of which 888 clinically diagnosed)
    • 139 new deaths
    • 56,249 cumulative total cases
    • 39,447 currently hospitalized, of which:
      – 29,051 (73.6%) in mild condition
      – 8,439 (21.4%) serious
      – 1,957 (5.0%) critical
    • 849 new hospital discharges
    • 183,183 close contacts have been tracked
  • 1 new case in France.
  • 1 new case in Malaysia is a 83-year-old US Citizen who arrived in Malaysia from the Westerdam cruise ship docked in Cambodia. The ship had been stranded at sea for two weeks after being turned away from five places – the Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, Guam and Thailand.
  • 5 new cases in Singapore.
  • 1 new case in Japan: the wife of an infected man who had traveled to Hawaii
  •  1 death in France. First death in Europe and outside of Asia: a 80 year-old Chinese tourist.
  • 8 new cases in Japan confirmed in Tokyo, where city officials have examined more than 100 close contacts of the taxi drivers.
  • 67 new cases on the cruise ship in Japan.
  • 1 new case in Thailand: a 35-year-old Thai woman, medical personnel, who got infected from a patient.
  • 2 new cases in Malaysia: a 27-year-old Chinese man and a 32-year-old woman, both with recent travel history to China.
  • 3 new cases in Japan in the Saiseikai Arida Hospital in Yuasa. “Possibility of hospital infection” according to the governor of Wakayama Prefecture.
  • 193 new cases and 3 new deaths, occurring outside of Hubei province in China on February 14, have been reported by the National Health Commission of China.

February 14:

  • Report from Hubei province for February 14:
    • 2,420 new cases (including 1,138 clinically diagnosed)
    • 139 new deaths (including 34 clinically diagnosed)
    • 54,406 cumulative total cases (including 16,522 clinically diagnosed)
    • 38,107 currently hospitalized, of which:
      – 27,955 (73.4%) in mild condition
      – 8,276 (21.7%) serious
      – 1,876 (4.9%) critical
    • 912 new hospital discharges
    • 176,148 close contacts have been tracked
  • 1 new case in Canada (B.C.)
  •  First case in Egypt, and first in Africa: a foreigner who had been put into isolation in a hospital.
  • 4 new cases in Japan:
    • a Japanese man in his 50s living in Hokkaido and with no history of traveling abroad. The man had fever and cough on Jan. 31, visited three medical institutions before confirming the infection, and has developed severe symptoms for which he is now being treated in an intensive care unit.
    • a man in his 60s who initially had a cold on Feb. 3, followed by a fever of 39° C. on Feb. 8, and then pneumonia on Feb. 10. He had traveled to Hawaii from Jan. 28 to Feb. 7.
    • a person from the Jan. 31, charter flight (third in a series) from Wuhan.
    • a 30-year-old man working in the local government who had transported patients from the cruise ship.
  • 9 new case in Singapore (6 linked to Grace Assembly church). With two patients discharged today, 17 people have now fully recovered from the disease.
  • 2 new cases in Japan. Both are connected to the previously confirmed case of a taxi driver. One had attended a Taxi Union New Year’s party with 80 participants, including the infected taxi driver.
  • 3 new cases in Hong Kong. 1 case had attended a family gathering of twenty-nine at a restaurant in North Point on January 26, which resulted in a total of 8 cases so far, with at least 2 additional people pending test results.
  • 2 new cases in Japan.
  •  The National Health Commission of China, in its February 14 official report, deducted 108 previously reported deaths and 1,043 previously reported cases from the total in Hubei Province due to “repeated statistics.” We have updated the daily (Feb. 12 and Feb. 13) and cumulative totals accordingly.
  • Report from Hubei province for February 13:
    • 4,823 new cases (including 3,095 clinically diagnosed)
    • 116 new deaths (including 8 clinically diagnosed).
    • 51,986 cumulative total cases (including 15,384 clinically diagnosed)
    • 36,719 currently hospitalized, of which:
      – 27,081 (73.8%) in mild condition
      – 7,953 (21.7%) serious
      – 1,685 (4.6%) critical
    • 690 new hospital discharges (including 214 clinically diagnosed)
    • 166,818 close contacts have been tracked
    • 77,685 people are undergoing medical observation

February 13:

  • 3 new cases in Hong Kong include a mother and her 37-years old son who had dinner with three earlier cases at a restaurant in North Point on January 26.
  • 1 new case in the United States, in Texas, was part of federal quarantined group at JBSA-Lackland who had been brought back from Wuhan on a State Department-chartered flight.
  •  First death in Japan: a woman in her 80s.
  • 8 new cases in Singapore.
  • 1 new case in Malaysia (daughter of 16th case and a friend to the 14th case, all arrived from Wuhan on Jan. 25).
  • 2 new cases in Japan:
    • taxi driver in Tokyo.
    • surgeon at a hospital in Yuasa-cho who, after developing fever, continued to work as usual (including visiting patients) for three days.
  • 44 new cases in Japan on the cruise ship, bringing the total on the “Diamond Princess” to 218.
  • 1 new case in the United States (8th in California).

February 12:

  • Report from Hubei for Feb. 12: 14,840 new cases and 242 new deaths. [original document]
    • Surge in number of cases and deaths is due for the most part to the adoption of a new diagnosis classification.
    • In conformity with other provinces, starting with Feb. 12 counts, Hubei Province will include the number of clinically diagnosed cases into the number of confirmed cases.
    • Of the 14,840 cases added, 13,332 are due to the new classification while 1,508 are new cases.
    • There were 242 new deaths (including 135 clinically diagnosed cases).
  • 1 new case in the UK (a Chinese national). First case in London.
  • 1 new case in Hong Kong and 1 recovered.
  • 3 new cases in Singapore

February 11:

February 10:

February 9:

February 8:

February 7:

February 6:

  • 2 new cases in Canada (British Columbia): a man and a woman in their 30s. The man displayed only mild symptoms. Health officials said that young healthy people can have very mild symptoms that may manifest as a cold.
  • 1 new case in Italy: a 29-year-old Italian national repatriated from Wuhan with other 55 Italians. First case of coronavirus in an Italian national (the other two were Chinese tourists visiting Italy).
  • Death of Dr Li, the Chinese doctor who warned others to protect themselves, before being summoned and investigated by Chinese authorities for “making false comments” and “spreading rumors” denying the official story that only those who came into contact with infected animals could catch the virus.
  • 1 new case in England: a British national who contracted the virus from an Asian country other than China.
  • 1 new case in Germany (in Bavaria, bringing the total there to 11): the wife of an employee of the company from the district of Starnberg. Two of the couple’s children also tested positive for the coronavirus.
  • 1 new case in Australia, a 37-year-old Chinese woman part of the tourist group that was placed in quarantine. This is the 5th case in Queensland. 4 other cases have been confirmed in Victoria, 4 in NSW and 2 in South Australia to date.

February 5:

February 4:

  • Japan has confirmed at least 10 cases of coronavirus from a cruise ship in the port of Yokohama near Tokyo. A 80-year-old Hong Kong man on the ship, who tested positive for the virus, infected a number of other people. Earlier on the day, Japanese authorities had quarantined some 3,700 passengers in an attempt to contain the virus from causing an outbreak.
  • 1 new case in Canada (second one in metro Vancouver): a woman in her 50s who had been hosting relatives from the Wuhan area
  • Four-year-old in Malaysia is the first case in the country to have recovered after being infected by the coronavirus.

China’s National Health Commission (NHC) says that:

  • about 80% of those who died were over the age of 60.
  • 75% had pre-existing conditions such as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

Other cases include:


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