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FCMB MD Adam Nuhu In Sex Scandal, Impregnates Married Staff

Adam Nuhu In Sex Scandal, Impregnates Married StaffControversial Nigerian banker and Managing Director of First City Monument Bank Ltd (FCMB), Adam Nuru, is already swimming in the pool of a sex scandal rocking the internet.

Recall, the bank’s chief was accused of laundering N573 million for Ibrahim Magu of EFCC.

An allegation the FCMB later denied, stressing that the transaction was done in error.

As the sex story was narrated, it was alleged that the banker was responsible for Tunde Thomas’ marriage breakdown that eventually led to Tunde’s death a few days back in December 2020.

While the story unfolds, a group known as Justice for Tunde Thomas has already launched a campaign to compel the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to sack the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of First City Monument Bank (FCMB) Limited, Mr Adam Nuru on ethical grounds.

What Really Happened?

Adam Nuhu In Sex Scandal, Impregnates Married Staff“Late Tunde Thomas Died After His Wife Confessed To Him That Her Boss At FCMB, Adam Nuru Is The Father of Their Only Two Kids.”

Tunde Thomas (alias Tunde Gentle), 45, died about two weeks ago from heartbreak. The two kids from his marriage were discovered to have been fathered by the current MD of FCMB, Adam Nuru who was his wife’s boss.

Tunde’s wife, Moyo Thomas (Nee Ojo), was reportedly engaged in an office romance with her MD, a relationship that was well known to all in the bank.

Happily married Billionaire Nuhu, while he got carried away in fornicating with Moyo, spared no thought for Tunde who was bringing up the two children he thought belonged to him.

Those in the know say Tunde was so in love with and attached to his wife and children that he spent most of his resources on them. He took them to London and Dubai on holidays. He also spared no penny in putting the kids in the best schools.

At the height of the shameful relationship and when the older child was about eight (8) years old, Moyo suddenly resigned from FCMB and travelled to the US with the two children, ostensibly on holiday. It was when the school session started in Nigeria and the children were not returned that Tunde started asking questions and the lady finally summoned the shameless courage to tell him the children were not his own.

She then went to the extent of filing for asylum in the US on the ground of marital violence in Nigeria, against a man known to all men by his gentle and easy-going disposition. Her aim, we learned, was to get the Green Card and also get Tunde barred from entering the US, so she would not be able to look him in the eye and tell him the bitter truth.

Tunde Thomas and Wife
Moyo Thomas (Nee Ojo) and Tunde Thomas

Not long after receiving the sad news first in 2017, Tunde reportedly suffered a stroke. He recovered from the stroke but said to have become a shadow of his former self, as he would often cry without reason.

As he got over the illness, Tunde was said to have tried to pick up the pieces of his life. He reportedly started another relationship with a lady lawyer. Soon, he invited some friends to accompany him to visit the lady’s parents on 26th December but it seems he didn’t fully recover from the first marriage-breakdown and all the issues. Tunde who was just made the director for the MFB he works for got back from work last week and had a cardiac arrest 2 days before introduction to a pregnant new girlfriend.

He collapsed at his residence’s staircase after work and died instantly on 15th December 2020.

The autopsy report puts the cause of his death as ‘heart failure’.

Tunde Gentle, a former staff of the defunct Oceanic Bank, was buried on Wednesday, 30th of December 2020.


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